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Puerto Vallarta's Crime Rate: What To Know

March 25, 2021
It's high time people realize that there's no such thing as a crime-free city. Some towns may be safer than others, but in reality, there's no such city where there are no crimes committed whatsoever. That's only a fantasy in dreamland, especially in this day and age. With that said, there are cities where the crime rate is so low, you almost feel like there's no crime at all there. Such is the case with Puerto Vallarta. You'd think such a famous city in Mexico would be infested with crime, right? But that couldn't be farther from the truth!
Puerto Vallarta's Crime Rate: What To Know

What Is The General Crime Rate in Puerto Vallarta?

Thanks to politics, pop culture, and a lot of misconceptions, everyone thinks that Mexico, despite its lively culture and gorgeous paradises, is an overall dangerous country. That's not and was never true! Take Puerto Vallarta, for instance! With a crime rate of only 37.27%, it's actually one of the safest cities, not just in Mexico, in North and Central America overall! It's even a whole lot safer than many prominent cities in the US! However, with its rate of increasing crimes at 60.00%, it only goes to show that despite the general safety in the city, it's not free of crime whatsoever!

What Are Puerto Vallarta's Highest-Rated Crimes?

Among all the crimes committed in Puerto Vallarta, the highest-rated are corruption and bribery. They're both at a combined rate of 63.99% which considered high on the scale. On a lighter note, at least the most commonly committed crime here isn't a violent one! But if you're working here, you are more at risk of getting victimized or even caught up in such a crime! Right after that, vandalism & theft both rank second-highest at a combined rate of 44.35, considered moderately high. This really shouldn't surprise anyone since Puerto Vallarta is a haven for the rich and famous. Of course, there's be some theft going on!

Puerto Vallarta's Crime Rate: What To Know

What Crimes Are Still Common in Puerto Vallarta?

Other commonly committed crimes in Puerto Vallarta include robbery in people's homes. This ranks third-highest in the city with a rate of 38.48%. On the plus side, this rate is already considered low on the scale, which means it's not as rampant despite what many might think. But still, even with a relatively small rate, it still poses a major concern among homeowners in the city. After that, drug-dealing ranks fourth-highest at 36.49%. Unfortunately, even though it's also considered low, it only perpetuates the unfair stereotype of Mexico being a drug haven.

How Safe Is It To Talk Around in Puerto Vallarta?

Despite all those crimes committed here, Puerto Vallarta remains a safe city overall. Just take a look at the safety rates of walking around here! During the day, when the sun is out, it's 87.82% safe to explore the many districts of Puerto Vallarta. Such a rate is considered very high on the scale! While at night, the safety rate drops to 60.90%. Though the difference is in the double-digits, the rate remains high on the scale overall. This only goes to show that Puerto Vallarta really is a city where you can go as you please and still remain safe from harm!

How To Stay Safe in Puerto Vallarta?

For the most part, one of the best ways to stay safe in Puerto Vallarta is to know how to speak and understand Spanish. If you don't know a speck of the language here, don't worry! The city has a ton of language schools that can help you. Even if you're just a beginner in the Spanish language, knowing even a little bit can help to stave off unwanted attention from scams, sketchy people, and the like. Also, as you walk around the city, don't wear anything too flashy. If you do, you might as well consider it stolen the moment you become unaware of your surroundings!

Puerto Vallarta's Crime Rate: What To Know
Source: Flickr.com/ antefixus21

Don't you just love Puerto Vallarta? Perhaps one of the best parts about this paradisical city is that it's actually one of the safer ones in Mexico. Probably even in the entire Central American region too! Just take a look at its crime rates!

Avoid getting mixed in the crimes in Puerto Vallarta by staying in the central and upscale areas of the city. Including the neighborhood where your luxury home is!