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Where To Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

March 25, 2021
Even though Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico's most famous cities, it's still pretty much a local town. This means that, despite the heavy international attention and it being a popular tourist attraction, you're still better off knowing Spanish when you're here. Sure, when you stay in the resorts, hotels, and other commercial areas within the city, you can get by knowing very little Spanish. But if you want to stay here for a long time, or even relocate here, you'll need to learn t speak the language fluently. These places will teach you all you need to know!
Where To Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Spanish Experience Center

The real clincher for this school is already in its name! Above all else, the Spanish Experience Center is all about teaching the language by getting you to immerse with the culture and lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta. After all, in a city such as this, you wouldn't want to spend all your time studying in a classroom, right? Though this kinda setting is also available here, this institution is more known for its events, social gatherings, city tours, and more. You not only get to learn how to speak and understand Spanish, but you also get to know more about Puerto Vallarta!

Spanish School Vallarta

Spanish School Vallarta is no ordinary language school. For starters, it's an adult-oriented institution. You won't see any school-aged kids learning here like in other places on this list. Furthermore, this school focuses on the Warren Hardy method, also an adult-oriented way of teaching Spanish. It's a conversational way of learning the language and applying everything in everyday instances. Its efficacy is known worldwide. Overall, this school aims to teach adults how to speak and understand Spanish without pretense and prejudice. They're simply free to learn the language the way that's comfortable and fitting for them!

Where To Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta International Academy

There's speaking Spanish in order to understand the people here and there's learning the language in order to teach it. The latter is what the Vallarta International Academy focuses on more. It's not only that you'll end up fluent in Spanish by the time you graduate from your courses here, but you'll actually get certified to teach it in other institutions. You can even put up your own teaching/tutorial services too! When it comes to Mexico's job market, many foreign residents make a living in the country by teaching languages. Most of the time, it's teaching English, but with the help of a school like the Vallarta International Academy, they can now teach Spanish too!

Global Language Institute

Most of the schools listed so far have been rather adult-oriented, haven't they. Not to worry! The Global Language Institute is one where kids can also enroll in. From preschool-age to adulthood, everyone, no matter their age, can learn Spanish here. It's why the institution is considered one of the finest international schools in Puerto Vallarta! Not only that, apart from Spanish, students can also learn English and French too! That's how international it is! But regarding its Spanish courses, all types, from conversational to business Spanish, are taught here. Whichever you choose to learn, you still can in this institute!


Another language school worth checking out is Linguatec. Now, unlike most of the schools on this list, this one doesn't solely focus on Spanish. It's still a priority, yes, but for the most part, all languages are taught in Linguatec. In fact, its actual focus is teaching English in non-English-speaking countries. But those who want to learn Spanish still do so here! Among its many aces, its diverse programs really draw people in. From studying in a classroom with fellow students to learning online with a personal instructor, you get to choose how you want to learn Spanish in this school!

Where To Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to these amazing language schools, learning how to speak and understand Spanish in Puerto Vallarta is a piece of cake! You might not think you need to learn it now, but when you get here, you'll realize it's more important than you initially thought!

One huge benefit of learning Spanish in Puerto Vallarta is that it'll make it easier for you to get a luxury home here!