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The Most Prominent Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

March 25, 2021
It's not always fun and games here in Puerto Vallarta. Don't think that just because it's a coastal town that it's a lot safer than other places. A remote, slightly rural, resort town such as Puerto Vallarta can be just as dangerous as an urban city. Thank goodness that this place has its own set of hospitals that can ensure the safety and health of the people here. From prominent institutions to popular clinics, there's not a lot to worry about when it comes to healthcare in Puerto Vallarta. Especially not with these incredible places!
The Most Prominent Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

CMQ Hospital Puerto Vallarta

Established in 1982, CMQ Hospital Puerto Vallarta has been the leading medical center in Puerto Vallarta. If there's one place you'd want to get proper Mexican healthcare from in this city, it's here! It's a huge plus that its emergency care remains open 24/7. No matter what happens to you and no matter what time it is, as long as you need medical care, this hospital's doors are open. Furthermore, since it's a central healthcare facility, both in the city and in the state of Jalisco, its well-acclaimed staff of experts and professionals are fluent enough in English to treat international patients properly!

Regional Hospital Puerto Vallarta

Another go-to place for urgent care in Puerto Vallarta is Regional Hospital Puerto Vallarta. Just like CMQ Hospital Puerto Vallarta, it's a central healthcare facility in the city, catering to hundreds of patients each and every day (even more so now during the global pandemic!). Located along Villas del Real, it's also easy to get to through public transportation. That alone is a huge plus since a lot of locals rely on public transport and very few make use of ambulance services in Puerto Vallarta. Still, when it comes to medical care, they're able to provide some high-quality treatments that the people in the city deserve!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier

Hospital San Javier is part of why Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta, is a prominent medical tourist destination. A level III health institution, as well as a level I trauma center, this place is one of, if not the finest medical center in the entire city. It boasts high-quality facilities, cutting-edge medical technology, and a staff of renowned Mexican health experts and medical professionals. Though it doesn't always guarantee 100% recovery, Hospital San Javier is your best bet to getting to that point no matter what your health problem is. Just make sure you're covered as it can get expensive here!

Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social

Among the public hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, the Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social is one of the most important. If you're not aware of Mexico's tax system, it's actually their social security (Seguridad Social) that helps pay for healthcare in this country. And for those relying on the cheaper public option, this place is their haven to get well and fully recover. Admittedly, other places on this list far exceed Instituto Mexicano de Seguridad Social when it comes to facilities and equipment, but it certainly does not lack qualified doctors, high-quality services, and the like!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Hospital Medasist

Just as its name suggests, Hospital Medasist is all about offering medical assistance to those who need it in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, this clinic actually has a lot of branches throughout the country, providing the perfect and suitable easy-to-get-to health institutions in the various major cities. Even though they do all types of surgeries and treatments here, the place's primary role is to offer urgent care for those who need it. From physical injuries to relapses of serious illnesses, they can give all sorts of medical care here. But if your situation is gravely serious, you'll want to go to the other hospitals instead!

Hospital Versalles

Pediatrics, gynecology, oncology, and breast cancer. These are just some of the major medical fields that Hospital Versalles in Puerto Vallarta specializes in. You can probably already surmise from these alone who this hospital specifically caters to. Throughout all the medical centers in Puerto Vallarta, Hospital Versalles is the most suitable for women and children. Their high-quality maternity wards make it more than a suitable place for expecting mothers to give birth. Their special focus on breast cancer encourages and allows women to stay on-guard against cancer. And its gynecology department is one of the safest in the city bar none!

Advance Medical Center

Even though it's one of the smaller institutions on this list, Advance Medical Center remains a prominent medical center worth going to in Puerto Vallarta. The reason is already in its name! If you prefer to get treated in a pristine, highly sanitized space with all the latest medical equipment at your disposal, this is the place to go to. Fron new-age treatments to modern medical technology, this place is as advanced as its name suggests. And sometimes, those are enough to ensure your road to full recovery in no time!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Puerto Vallarta

Staying healthy in Puerto Vallarta should be your number one priority! Fortunately, the city has a ton of exceptional hospitals and convenient clinics to ensure that you remain safe and at your best during your stay here!

Rest assured, these hospitals and clinics will be just as clean and pristine as your luxury home in Puerto Vallarta!