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Alicante's Best International Schools

March 17, 2021
In every city, there ought to be a few international schools. Even though not all of the cities in the world can be as cosmopolitan as the likes of New York, London, Singapore, and more but even so, there will be people moving to said cities coming from different countries. How will their kids be able to continue their studies if they can't understand the language or can't keep up with the way of life there? Take Alicante city, for example. Thanks to these prominent international schools here, expat kids can still get their well-deserved education while enjoying life in the city.
Alicante's Best International Schools

King's College The British School of Alicante

In Alicante's La Torre Golf Resort, King's College The British School of Alicante stands as one of the finest educational institutions in the city. Offering quality British education to foreign and local kids alike, it's one of the more 'complete' schools on this list. By complete, that doesn't just means it has your usual facilities like classrooms, a library, computer labs, a cafeteria, and the like. But it also has other amazing things like tennis and basketball courts, a massive field for football, a beautiful art studio, and more! Here, students can also venture into other interests while excelling in academics!

European School of Alicante

The European School of Alicante is the institution to enroll your kids in if you want them to get to know more about Spain and the rest of the 'Old Continent.' Though this doesn't mean they won't learn about the rest of the world as well, of course, they will. But more than just learning the language, this school teaches and instills in their students what it means to be in this part of the world. To be open to globalization, to introduce liberated ideas, and to pursue more than what is expected of them.

Alicante's Best International Schools

Colegio El Valle Alicante

Despite the 'Colegio' part of its name, Colegio El Valle Alicante isn't an exclusively higher education institution in Alicante. The school also teaches kids from infancy to university level, allowing for consistent education all throughout. Here, helping them grow and develop into well-rounded individuals is the main objective. While the International Baccalaureate program ensures that the children's academic skills are truly top-notch, there are still athletics, arts, literature, and more that they can pursue here too. This way, they get to realize their own full potential outside of the standard academics. Who knows? The next big athlete or artist might just come from here!

The English School

Another school with a name that might confuse you, The English School in Mutxamel, Alicante isn't a specialized language/grammar school. They don't just teach the English language to primary and secondary students here. They also teach Maths, Science, History, and all the other academic subjects as well. Though not in Alicante city proper, since it's in the nearby town of Mutxamel, you and your kids can still easily get here via public transport. Or you could make use of their own bus service too! Notably, among its many great qualities, its focus on sustainability and saving the planet will instill proper awareness in your little ones about what's happening in the world today!

Alicante's Best International Schools

Willow International Academy

Another international school that's not necessarily within Alicante city proper is Willow International Academy, a British school in Ciudad Quesada. Don't worry, like Mutxamel, this municipality is near enough that kids who live in Alicante city can go here with no problem. And the effort to drive or commute is worth considering that this school promises quality British education to their students, the kind that can one day help them get into London's top universities, the most respected educational institutions in the world. With a strong focus on academics, it's not farfetched to expect students here to reach such great heights!

Sierra Bernia School

With its own transport and dining services, it's not that exaggerated to claim that students of Sierra Bernia School are well-taken-care-of. In academics, they teach them all of what they need to know to get ahead in life. This isn't to say that they're lenient when it comes to them, but rather, the focus here isn't that they get good grades, but that they understand the logic behind their lessons apart from the aim of graduating. Furthermore, their extracurricular activities help them see other sides of themselves they otherwise would have had they enrolled in other schools.

Alicante's Best International Schools

Alicante has a lot more to offer than its beautiful sceneries and stunning beaches. This city also has a few top-notch international schools that may just have the next leaders of future generations. That's how high-quality the education offered there is!