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Learning Spanish in Alicante: Where To Study

March 12, 2021
There are only about a few cities in Spain that you can deem 'international.' There's Madrid, of course, the capital city of the country. There's also Barcelona, a major tourist destination and arguably the country's most famous city. And there's Ibiza, an island that's infamous for its wild nightlife scene. In these cities, you can probably get by only knowing very little Spanish. But not in a city like Alicante. Although more and more people are becoming aware of this city, you're still better off knowing and understanding Spanish if you want to stay here. These are some schools that can help you with that.
Learning Spanish in Alicante: Where To Study

University of Salamanca

Right off the bat, let's start with the University of Salamanca. Their Escuelas de Español is one of the finest in the city, offering up various courses for your linguistic needs. And they're open to the public too! So even if you're not an undergraduate or graduate student of the university, you can still enroll in their Spanish classes here. What's great about them is that they're not just your ordinary language courses. Depending on your level and what you need, you can go for either conversational, formal, or business Spanish. Different types that fit different situations, career requirements, and the like.

Enforex Alicante School

With campuses in other cities like Seville and Valencia, Encofrex is clearly one of the best language schools in Spain. And their school in Alicante is no different. Here, they boast fine facilities equipped with the right technology, a boatload of resources, and more to help students delve deeper into the Spanish language. It's not just that they learn the words, perfect the grammar, and know the right intonations, but they also get introduced to the history and heritage of the language (and the country as well). This way, not only will get fluent in Spanish, but they'll also understand the weight of the language better.

Learning Spanish in Alicante: Where To Study

Don Quijote: Alicante

Another popular Spanish language school in the country that also has a campus in Alicante is Don Quijote. In fact, this institution isn't just notable in Spain but in Latin American countries too. If you want to sound your best in Spanish, this is the school to enroll in. Grammar is a particular focus here, helping you get it right so that you can eventually speak the language as well as any native speaker. Moreover, since it's located along Paseo de la Explanada de España, you can easily get to the school via public transport!

Estudio Sampere: Alicante

Despite its rather unorthodox setting—consisting only of four classrooms on the first floor of a small building—Estudio Sampere is actually one of the more rigorous language schools in Alicante. Don't think that just because its campus is rather compact and slightly intimate that you can get away with not taking your lessons seriously. Here, the significance of learning, understanding, and perfecting the language is just as important as academics in a standard institution or even in university. That's how dedicated the professors and instructors are in making sure all their students become fluent Spanish speakers one day.

Learning Spanish in Alicante: Where To Study

Elcano School Alicante

More than 500 students of different nationalities enroll at Elcano School Alicante every year. This alone should tell you just how popular the place is. Beloved for its open and welcoming environment, this is school is one of the best for foreigners to enroll in, particularly those who don't even know a speck of Spanish at the start. Non-Spanish-speakers need not be intimidated to begin their foray into the language here, this place was established to carefully guide them to fluency. Add to that the many fun and exciting activities they hold to further the students' linguistic studies, ranging from social gatherings to even city tours.

Vive La Ñ

Many people would definitely go for Vive La Ñ just because of its location alone. It's actually located in El Campello, a coastal town that's a 20-minute tram ride from Alicante. Since it's so near, so many locals and tourists who live or are staying in Alicante would go here to learn the language. Why? Firstly, because it's near the sea. That alone is a huge plus for a mountain of reasons. But don't think that just because it's a hop and a skip away from the beach that it's not a serious school! The professors and their courses here are just as rigorous and intense as any other language school in the city.

Learning Spanish in Alicante: Where To Study

When you want to go to a city like Alicante, you have to speak and understand Spanish. The city isn't international enough that you can get by with very little Spanish. With that said, any of the amazing language schools in Alicante will help you a lot!

Learning Spanish or improving what you already know will make it easier for you to stay in Alicante. Especially when you want to live in a luxury home here!