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The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands

March 15, 2021
If there's one industry that's truly been shaken up by the emergence of social media, it's the beauty industry. Makeup is no longer monopolized by the big established brands that have been around for decades. Now more than ever, 'ordinary people' have taken their own stake in the game. And by 'ordinary people,' this means beauty influencers. They are modern-day moguls who have established their own cosmetics companies by simply gaining fame on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and the like. Breaking apart traditions and institutions, their brands have gained fame and notoriety over the years. Here are a few worth paying attention to.
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands

Fenty Beauty

Out of everyone on this list, Rihanna is probably the most influential since she is a best-selling pop star. Releasing hit singles left and right, no one could have imagined that, someday, this Barbadian singer would become one of the biggest beauty moguls in the world. Her own brand, Fenty Beauty, defied conventions by offering products for all sorts of skin tones. Finally, thanks to her label, even the darkest of shades can have their share of foundations, concealers, and the like. Eventually, Fenty would venture into fashion and lingerie territories, but among all of them, the beauty brand remains the strongest!
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands
Source: Fenty Beauty

Jeffree Star

If there's one quintessential makeup YouTuber, that's Jeffree Star. Starting out as a musician, he eventually gained fame (and notoriety) as one of the most famous and prolific YouTubers. He attracted millions of views as he offered beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and controversially, criticized other makeup brands. His influence over the years has become so prominent that he eventually started his own cosmetics line, further adding to his fame. Today, his label is one of the best-selling makeup brands in the world, and especially one of the most successful out of influencers who started on YouTube!
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands
Source: Flickr.com/ DVSROSS

Huda Beauty

Before YouTube, Instagram, and the like came on the scene, there was the power of the blog. People were fascinated with what influencers wrote, whether it be about their travels, their favorite fashion brands, and, of course, all things beauty! This was where Iraqi-American entrepreneur and beauty influencer, Huda Kattan, started out. Having moved to Dubai and eventually to Los Angeles, Kattan started out both as a blogger and as a makeup artist to A-list stars. It was through these that she was able to establish her own cosmetics company, Huda Beauty, in 2013. Today, it's now one of the biggest makeup brands in the US.
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands
Source: Huda Beauty Facebook Page

One Size Beauty by Patrick Starrr

Who says plus-sized isn't beautiful? Definitely not Patrick Starr! And no, he isn't Spongebob Squarepants's best friend! Patrick Starr (take note of the extra r!) is a Filipino-American beauty influencer from Los Angeles. On his YouTube Channel, he has made up some of the most famous people in the world, ranging from Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba to Rihanna and Katy Perry. Now, he has his own makeup brand, One Size Beauty, which, true to its name, is all about diverse beauty no matter one's body size, skin color, and the like.
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands
Source: One Size Beauty Facebook Page

Trixie Cosmetics

You might know who Brian Michael Firkus is but you definitely know his drag queen persona, Trixie Mattel. A contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 and winner of the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race: All-Stars, the famed television personality has since become a beauty mogul. Mattel is known for her outlandish, cartoonish drag look, defined by wild eyeliner, very defined contouring, and Barbie-like doll lips. Trixie Cosmetics, Mattel's eponymous cosmetics line, is all about achieving that wild and glamorous look, even if you have to look like a cartoon to do it! Nevertheless, this makeup brand is all about having fun!
The Top Five American Influencer Makeup Brands
Source: Trixie Cosmetics

Don't think that makeup is all about the established brand that's been around since forever! Nowadays, even social media influencers have their own cosmetics line that can rival up to these established labels! And they're just as good!

Go cooky with all sorts of lewks from these influencer-born make up brands! They'd definitely go well against the backdrop of your luxury home in the US!





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