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What To Know About Seville's Public Transport

March 04, 2021
Seville is definitely a place where you'll want to get around. One of Spain's most beautiful cities, it'd be a shame if you only stayed in one place while you're here. But what if you don't have a car? Nor you don't know anyone who has a car that can take you around? Well, you don't have to worry about that. After all, public transport here is thriving! Thanks to the various systems put in place, you can go to wherever you want in Seville without having to buy your own car or bothering someone who has.

What To Know About Seville's Public Transport

The Public Transport Card - 'Tarjeta Turística'

As with any other city around the world. Seville offers up its own travel pass to make getting around the city that much easier. It's called the 'Public Transport Card,' or 'Tarjeta Turística' in Spanish. Costing only € 35.00 each, it's a travel card that most will recommend you get to make traveling faster and more sufficient. In fact, you can even purchase it online before you get to Seville and you can just get the card when you're there. With the Public Transport Card, you get unlimited access to all the public transport systems in the city for three days.

Seville's Metro System

It may not look like it, but Seville actually has its own metro system. If you thought that only the heavily urbanized cities like London and New York have metro systems, think again! Even a Spanish countryside city like Seville can have one! Having only opened in 2009, it eventually become one of the main modes of public transportation in the city. And it's all thanks to the various lines that go to the 22 stations throughout Seville. With a single-ride ticket only costing € 1.35 each—meaning a round-trip will only cost € 2.70—it's no wonder so many people have relied on it.

What To Know About Seville's Public Transport

Boarding The Bus

You can also take the bus here in Seville. With a variety of lines and routes on offer, as well as a lot of stops throughout the many districts of Seville, it's impossible that you can't board one that's not near your destination. They all start at the central bust station at Plaza de las Armas and go to all the many stops throughout the city. And though the bus stops may not be exactly where you need to be, more often than not, they're located a hop and a skip away from it. The bus fares in Seville start at € 1.30 and are available in kiosks and bus stops. You can also choose to get the ticket inside the bus from the driver himself.

Taking A Tram in Seville

Just like in Budapest in Hungary, trams are equally popular in Seville. The Metro-Centro tram system runs 1.4 km throughout the city, connecting the center of the city to the famous Plaza Nueva to Avenida de la Constitucíon. Of course, there are other stops along the way, some near a good many of the city's top tourist attractions. This is why the trams in Seville are more popular among visitors than locals. Riding them is a good way to get around the city while marveling at its many sights all while you're in transit. But make no mistake! Locals also ride the trams for everyday public transport too!

What To Know About Seville's Public Transport

Riding A Taxi

Perhaps what makes Seville's public transport different from those in other cities is its taxi system. More often than not, taxis tend to be the most expensive mode of public transportation in various cities. Here in Seville, on the other hand, they're not as pricey. That is if you use a transportation app to hail one instead of getting one off the street. As well as if you don't take one at night or during the weekends. Taxies tend to charge higher during those times. Nevertheless, compared to other places around the world, taking a taxi in Seville isn't as costly.

Getting To The Airport and Back

The moment you land at Seville Airport, you don't need to worry about how to get to your place in the city. There are a ton of public transport options available right outside the airport. They're most convenient for those who are going to Seville for the first time. If you take a taxi, for instance, no matter where your destination is, the price of your trip is fixed at €30.00. If you prefer a private transfer for you and your companions (up to four in a group) you can always make use of your Public Transport Card to pay for one too!

What To Know About Seville's Public Transport

Despite not being a major city in Spain, public transport in Seville is extremely efficient. You can easily get to where you need to be in any area in this city without having to pay too much nor hassling yourself on your transportation needs!