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The Best International Schools in San Sebastian

February 24, 2021
Most people go to San Sebastian for vacation. The beautiful coastal town serves as one of the best destinations for a summer getaway. Despite that, however, San Sebastian is a city through and through. It's not just one where tourists can enjoy themselves. People and their families actually live here. Adults actually work here. And kids actually go to school here. In fact, San Sebastian even houses a few international schools established to help foreign children get the education they deserve. A good many of them are even known all over the world too! Here are the ones you should know about!
The Best International Schools in San Sebastian

St. Patrick's English School

'Shaping the future together.' This is the slogan that St. Patrick's English School proudly stands by. Established in 1976, the institution has set up various campuses around the world, not the least of which is the one in San Sebastian. Above all else, this school embraces diversity and the importance of working together. At the same time, they're also committed to excellence, providing quality education to their international students, ensuring their stable futures and potential as movers and shakers of the world. And, of course, as the name already suggests, improving their English language skills too!

Deutsche Schule San Alberto Magno

Established over 90 years ago, Deutsche Schule San Alberto Magno is one of the oldest international institutions of its kind in San Sebastian. Yet, at the same time, it's also one that's most able to adapt to modern times. Through the years, this well-respected school has geared its teaching and foundations to fit the current issues of the time. Nowadays, in 2021, they're heavily focusing on instilling in their students the value of proper education, a commitment to taking care of the planet and helping them embrace diversity. No wonder this school has stood the test of time!

The Best International Schools in San Sebastian

Lacunza International House

The Lacunza International House is far from your typical private/public international school. At its core, it's one of the finest language schools in the world, and its campus in San Sebastian is no exception. While they may not focus on other aspects of academics here, they do teach everything a student needs to learn about different languages, their proper grammar, and the like. Moreover, they also go to great lengths to teach foreign students Spanish, going so far as to hold various activities throughout the many districts of San Sebastian to really drive the lessons home!

Helen Doron Donostia Gros-Inglés

While the Lacunza International House focuses on teaching Spanish to foreign students, the Helen Doron Donostia Gros-Inglés focuses on teaching English to both local and foreign students. Accredited by a few notable academic bodies, this is one of the finest English-language schools in all of the Basque country. They cater to students aged 3 months to 19-years-old, guiding them through every step of the way. After all English is, for the moment, the universal language. Any student who learns here will benefit greatly. In fact, the school is often considered a preparatory institution for students who want to go to the University of Cambridge, one of the top universities in London!

The American School of Bilbao

With an International Baccalaureate program on offer, the American School of Bilboa is truly one of the most respected institutions in this region. Though it's not exactly located in San Sebastian itself, its close proximity to it makes it a go-to school for many students who live in the city. Many of them don't even mind the commute (or moving to Bilbao altogether) as the school provides quality education that sets high standards for academics and other endeavors alike. Here, students are honed to be well-rounded individuals, promoting critical thinking while embracing the various other interests that they may have as well.

The Best International Schools in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is far from the academic center of the world, let alone of Spain. However, this doesn't mean that this beautiful city in Basque country lacks high-quality education. These well-respected international schools prove otherwise!

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