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Where To Learn Spanish in San Sebastian

February 24, 2021
San Sebastian is far from Madrid and Barcelona. Sure, it may be popular among vacationers who want to spend some quality time by the sea. But in essence, it's still a rural coastal city in Spain. More specifically, in the Basque country. This means it's not as international and cosmopolitan as the other cities. You might find a few foreign tourists and expats living here, but most of the time, you'll only get to interact with native Spaniards. And if you can't speak nor understand Spanish, you'll have a hard time here. So let any of these prominent language schools teach you everything you need to know!
Where To Learn Spanish in San Sebastian

Lacunza International House

Perhaps the finest language and international school in San Sebastian,, so many people have relied on Lacunza International House. And since they're open to teaching both kids and adults, you and your entire family can learn Spanish together. Their methods go beyond the classroom, often including social activities, tours, and more to really help the students understand and apply the language. As a result, students are able to form strong bonds with their classmates and teachers, with the latter going so far as to help accommodate you while you're in San Sebastian! Talk about devoted, right?

Estudio Hispánico Courses

More than a standard school, Estudio Hispánico is actually a Spanish-language institution devoted to offering schools and courses to people all over the world. They have their own campuses and are affiliated with various schools throughout different countries. This, of course, includes Basque country in Spain. In fact, the Lacunza International House is affiliated with Estudio Hispánico as well. Though if you're not keen on enrolling in the latter, the program offers its own private, home-based courses for your convenience. After all, at times, there's no better way to learning the language than doing it at home!

Where To Learn Spanish in San Sebastian

El Aula Azul

Located right smack in the city center of San Sebastian, making it easy to get to via public transport, El Aula Azul is one of the most popular schools on this list. And it's not just because of its convenient location! For one thing, they take the time to evaluate each student carefully and place them in classes they know will suit their needs and appropriately cater to their current capabilities. Following the standard classroom setting, their traditional teaching methods are also fool-proof, ensuring that the students improve their Spanish at the end of the day!

TANDEM San Sebastián

Convenience! Apart from everything else, this is what best describes TANDEM San Sebastián. While the other schools o this list insist that students adhere to their own structures and ways of teaching Spanish, this school offers a variety of alternatives to fit specific needs. For instance, those who work or go to school in the morning can just go to afternoon classes offered by TANDEM San Sebastián. There's also the option for online classes in case a student simply doesn't have the free time to go all the way to the campus. Either way, all options are effective and similarly high-quality.

Where To Learn Spanish in San Sebastian

Learning Spanish is key if you really want to enjoy and have a hassle-free stay in San Sebastian. But you don't have to worry about not knowing more when you get here. The city has a handful of schools that can help you improve your Spanish!

Always remember: learning how to speak and understand Spanish gets you one step closer to getting your dream luxury home here in San Sebastian!