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Lisbon's Most Notable International Schools

February 18, 2021
Lisbon isn't exactly a city you'd automatically think of when it comes to scholastic excellence, is it? It doesn't have Ivy League schools nor are there particular world-famous geniuses that have graduates here. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that there's a scarcity of quality education here. On the contrary, there are a ton of schools in Lisbon that are revered internationally. These are the ones to enroll your kid in, most especially if you came from a different country. International schools are built for that kind of purpose, after all. And here are a handful of the best in the Portuguese capital.
Lisbon's Most Notable International Schools

The British School in Lisbon

Some of the most well-respected universities in the world happen to be in London. Many even regard the UK, as a whole, as the pinnacle of academic excellence. With that said, it's safe to say that in order for your kids to get into these prestigious institutions, the British school in the city should be where they study. Enter The British School Lisbon, one of the most prominent international schools in the Portuguese capital. Highlighting academic excellence above all else, this is where your kids will really reach their peaks as scholars of the world.

St. Dominic's International School

Offering all three programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization, it's no wonder St. Dominic's International School is one of the finest in Lisbon. Here, academics reign supreme, focusing heavily on the students' skills in math, science, languages, and more. And as a Catholic school, Christian values are often highlighted here as well. But don't think that if you're not Catholic, you're not welcome here. Above all else, this school recognizes a student's abilities, skills, and capabilities. Very rarely do one's religious beliefs take into account when it comes to accepting them. That's not what St. Dominic International School is all about!

Lisbon's Most Notable International Schools

Greene's Tutorial College

Founded in 1967, Greene's Tutorial College is one of the oldest institutions on this list. Its longevity stands as proof that, through the years, many people have put faith in this school to teach their kids to reach academic excellence and realize their true potential. It also helps that the school is also affiliated with Oxford University in the UK, one of the finest in all the world. That alone should tell you the quality of education to expect in this school. However, you do need to hurry in enrolling your kid as the number of pupils accepted yearly are approximately 30, more or less!

United Lisbon International School

One of the very few American schools in Lisbon, the United Lisbon International School is actually one of the most popular of its kind. It helps that, unlike the other schools on this list, this place isn't as strict when it comes to reaching academic excellence. Don't get it wrong, the quality of education here remains high, it's just that this school has a more holistic approach in honing young minds and preparing them for the world. With a diverse range of extracurricular activities on offer, it's safe to say that any kid, no matter their interests, can ensure a good future here!

Lisbon's Most Notable International Schools

International Preparatory School

Though it's one of the smaller schools on this list, the International Preparatory School in Lisbon is actually one of the finest as well. It helps that their strongest asset is that they've developed a happy environment where kids can have fun and learn happily along. They're not so pressured to the point that they feel constricted but they're also not so relaxed that they fail to do their best. Not to mention the PTA here is fully-involved with what the kids do in school. It helps the family stay connected while the kids learn their way into their future!


Above all else, The British school Aprendizes embraces individuality. Even though their main objective is to achieve academic greatness, that doesn't mean that their students have to sacrifice who they are to get to that. Here, along with the quality education on offer, students are encouraged to find their skills in various areas. Be it in athletics, art, or more, they're allowed to pursue their dreams all while studying hard to their best academically. At the end of it all, the goal is to produce well-rounded individuals who excel with their own talents, rely on their own points of view, and live the way they want to!

Lisbon's Most Notable International Schools

Say what you will about Lisbon, this city has its fair share of prominent international schools. Academic greatness isn't a far-fetched fantasy in the Portuguese capital. And even those who aren't from the country can learn a lot here too!

Your kids will enjoy learning in any of these schools if they can come home to a luxury home in Lisbon!