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The Top Five Transportation Apps in Thailand

August 24, 2020
If you think Bangkok is only about Buddhist temples and ancient relics, you've got another thing coming! Bangkok, as well as Thailand as a whole, is actually a very advanced and contemporary country. Sure, it's founded on traditions, but today, it has caught up with the rest of the world. Some may even argue it's one of the most advanced nations in Southeast Asia. And in terms of technology, Thailand certainly isn't left behind. In fact, the country has most of the latest and best apps out there. Most importantly, the ones for transportation to make commuting here much easier to do!

The Top Five Transportation Apps in Thailand



At one point in time, Uber was the number one ride-hailing app in all of the world. However, since 2017, Grab has undoubtedly dominated the Southeast Asian region. Here in Thailand, it's the number one ride-hailing program, used by most commuters throughout the country. It's an efficient way to get a ride without having to exhaust yourself from hailing one on the street, especially during peak hours. The best part is you get to choose if you want a luxury car, carpool with others, or even get a taxi through this app. Each option differed in price but are all equal in terms of quality of service and efficiency. 



Speaking of hailing a taxi online, it's safe to say that, in this regard, AllThaiTaxi is Grab's main rival in the country. Focusing solely on taxis, this app actually has a big advantage over Grab. In it that since the latter is more popular, there's bound to be fewer users on this platform. Hence, if you use this app, you're more likely to get a taxi, especially during peak hours, than having to compete for a ride in the immensely popular Grab app. Furthermore, you can expect that the drivers registered here are honest professionals who won't try to scam you. 


The Top Five Transportation Apps in Thailand



While tuk-tuks is one of the popular compact vehicles used for public transportation in Thailand, there are also the motorbikes. A smaller vehicle that can let you breeze through tight pathways, busy roads, and more, riding a motorcycle have become popular over the years. And if you prefer to ride one to get to your destination, you can use GoBike to hail one. Just type in your location and a driver will zoom to wher you are in a snap. And like the other apps, you can either connect your credit card for cahsless payment or just give the money to the driver when you reach your destination. 



With so many buses operating in Thailand on a daily basis, it's easy to get confused when you need to ride one. However, with ViaBus, all your woes will disappear. This nifty app not only shows you the schedule of the buses on your route, but it will also tell you where the next bus going to your location is currently at. With the help of a GPS system, it's able to track down where many buses in the country are at any given time. Furthermore, the app also shares info on how your bus route can get you to other public transport systems


Next Station

In the same vein, Next Station is an app that will show you al you need to know about public transport in the country. Just pin your location and you can search which modes of public transportation can get you to where you need to go in no time. If you're in Bangkok, for instance, and you need to go to Sukhumvit, one of the Thai capital's neighborhoods known to be a busy district. Tap open this app and it will tell you which bus route to choose, or what time the next train will reach your MRT station, and the like. 


The Top Five Transportation Apps in Thailand


Transportation apps are very popular and extremely common in Thailand, most especially in very busy cities like Bangkok. Download any of the most popular ones to make traveling around here much more manageable and less stressful! 

With all the money you save from using these apps, you can finally ear enough to go for a luxurious Thai rental for your accommodation here!