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Getting The Best Coffee in Leeds

February 16, 2021
Admittedly, Leeds isn't exactly the first city that will come to mind when it comes to coffee. You'll likely think more of the cafes in Paris, the coffee shops in London, or even the big names like Starbucks and Tim Hortons from the US and Canada. Leeds is far from the coffee capital of the world. With that said, that doesn't mean you can't get a great cup here in this West Yorkshire city. In fact, Leeds has a handful of great cafes and coffee shops worth checking out. Here are five of them that you ought to know!
Getting The Best Coffee in Leeds

Mrs. Atha’s

Out of all the cafes and coffee shops in Leeds, Mrs. Atha's is undoubtedly the most popular. So much so that you might not even get a table when you walk in. Operating on a classic basis that can almost rival the cafes in Paris, they offer the truest coffee experience here in Leeds. With coffee beans from around the world, filters to ensure they sav the rich taste, and a distinct way of brewing them, you'll find that drinking coffee can actually be the best part of your day. And for an added bonus, the coffee beans here are ethically sources, ensuring the safety of farmers who harvested them.

Casa Colombiana

Speaking of coffee beans from around the world, it's no secret that Colombia produces some of the best on the entire planet. So of course, the place where you can drink some should be your next go-to coffee shop! Here in Leeds, that's Casa Colombiana. Offering up Casacol coffee—which they roast, grind, and brew right then and there, no less!—it's not farfetched to assume that you won't drink this kind of coffee anywhere else in the city. In fact, you might not even find such a coffee shop anywhere else in the entire West Yorkshire area! Pair your cup with any of their South American dishes and you've got yourself a winner!

Getting The Best Coffee in Leeds

If Coffee Bar

Located in the lively Call Lane, a great place to hand around in Leeds, If Coffee Bar is all about the relaxation of a nice cup of coffee. Amidst this bustling area is a rustic old-world establishment that awaits coffee drinkers who want to take a break from modern-day Leeds and want to get lost in the vintage art of drinking coffee. Add to that the many comforting treats, from delicious sandwiches to traditional British treats, and you'll have the time of your life. Basically, here in If Coffee Bar, the experience goes beyond your cup!

Laynes Espresso

Prefer to have a variety of coffee types on offer? Go to Layne's Espresso on New Station Street! Often regarded as a haven for coffee aficionados, you can get all sorts of coffee here at their finest. Be it Cafe Americano to a Piccolo Latte, they'll prepare it for you with no problem at all. Or if you prefer to drink coffee Italian or Spanish-style, they're also more than ready to give you an espresso shot whenever you want it! Not to mention many of their beans also come from different parts of the world too!

Wolfox Coffee Roasters

< Finally, there's Wolfox Coffee Roasters. True to its name, what you'll get is some of the finest roasted coffee in all of Leeds. And you know why? Because they roast it themselves right then and there. This place is one of the very few to do so in Leeds. Here, you'll really get to taste the truest essence of the coffee you ordered. Mind you, the beans they use here from South America too, so you know each cup you sip is bound to taste excellent! Add to that the many pastries to enjoy between every sip and you've got gold!

Getting The Best Coffee in Leeds

Among many others, Leeds offers up a slew of exciting cafes and coffee shops that serve some of the finest caffeine on this side of West Yorkshire! With a touch of exoticism there and a tinge of homemade goodness here, you'll enjoy every coffee break you take in the city!