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You know you’re becoming a Londoner when…

May 17, 2021
From tutting at people on the wrong side of the escalator and having an encyclopaedic knowledge of the capital’s best Sunday roasts, to struggling with the idea of crossing the river for an evening out, these are the 15 things to look out for that will confirm you’re turning into a fully fledged, real Londoner…

You know NEVER to stand on the left

This is the life lesson that every resident must learn in order to become a fully fledged Londoner. People might think this only applies to the escalators on the tube, but that’s actually not the case. Any real Londoner knows that when you’re on any escalator in the city, whether thats on the tube, in Selfridges or at your local Odeon, if you want to stand still you have to stand to the right. And be warned… if you don’t, you will feel the wrath of every single local. 


You know you

Source: Le Traveling Fork

You don’t mind paying £6 for a pint

Paying £6 for a pint of beer and up to £8 for a glass of house wine isn’t even that outrageous. In fact, if your drink is under a fiver you’ll be telling everyone about it for weeks. When you’re paying that much for a drink, you might as well get it with a nice view, so read our guide to the best rooftop bars in London and enjoy every sip of that extortionate drink. 


You know you

Travelling for 2 hours to work is acceptable

You’ll travel even longer to work. Your office is in Shepherd’s Bush? Well it’s definitely not unreasonable to choose to live in Dalston. 


You know you

You have a favourite neighbourhood that you’d rather not leave

Much like the north and south divide, you also have specific neighbourhood that you’d rather not stray from on the weekend. In the week it’s fine to visit friends at the opposite end of the city (as long as it’s not across the river) and travel 10 miles to work, but on the weekend, you like to stick to your pocket of the city. You’ll have picked one of London’s coolest neighbourhoods to reside in and won’t really want to leave. 


You know you

Weekend brunch is like going to church 

Unless you go to actual church, brunch with friends is your weekly worship. London boasts some of the best brunches in the world as well as a never-ending supply of delicious breakfasts so you never run out of places to go. Real Londoners take their brunch and breakfast seriously, so you have to be able to differentiate your black pudding from your friend bread and your banana pancakes from your French toast. 


You know you

You know that Sundays are for roasts and not much else

Sunday is for Sunday roasts at your local pub. And maybe a walk through the park. If anyone asks you to do much else, they’re clearly not real Londoners. You have your favourite place for roast beef with all the trimmings and know the ins and outs of the best Sunday roasts in London.


Youy know you

Source: TripSavvy

Your breath is still taken away by all those iconic views

Even after you’ve lived in London for most of your life, seeing the skyline from the top of Parliament Hill, catching a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral or taking in Big Ben from Westminster Bridge still fills you with so much joy. Sometimes, it’s good to remind yourself why you love this crazy, hectic city so much, so why not embark on one of the best London walks and fall in love with this amazing place all over again? 





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