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Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris

January 22, 2021
Drinking afternoon tea is always so pleasant. There's really nothing like taking a sip of this warm and refreshing beverage. At times, it's the most relaxing thing in the world! And though the British are most known to partake of this—even to the point that it's become a tradition for them—that doesn't mean other people can't enjoy tea themselves. In fact, here in Paris, though coffee is a lot more common, tea is just as popular a beverage. And afternoon tea is just as stylish and as relaxing here as in the UK. Most especially in these top five places!
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris


Firstly, there's the iconic Angelina café in the Louvre district. Founded in 1903, it's become a major favorite among many Parisians over the years. Even the great Coco Chanel was a frequent customer and famously devoted patron of the place. Though many would say that the hot chocolate and pastries are the bestsellers here (which they are!) this café is as much a popular tea room as it is a sweets shop. In fact, pairing their famous treats with tea is just as delicious as pairing them with coffee or hot chocolate! There's no replacing the sweets during afternoon tea!
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris
Source: Angelina.fr

Restaurant Le Dalí at Le Maurice

Just like in London, some of the more popular afternoon tea hotpots in Paris are in the hotels. Because while you can still order tea in many of the cafés in Paris, you'll stick out like a sore thumb amidst a bevy of Parisians enjoying coffee. So instead, go to a restaurant in a hotel! Le Meurice has one of the best ones: Restaurant Le Dalí. Though it's named after Salvador Dalí, rest assured the place doesn't look like one of his surreal paintings. In fact, with its elegant ambiance, the place looks more like one of the opulent 20s Paris hotspots he probably frequented during his heyday!
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris
Source: Dorchester Collection.com


Yes, this iconic patisserie, world-renowned pastel macarons, is also a great place to enjoy afternoon tea! May might mistake the place as a sort of bakery where you only buy the sweets and get out. But in fact, Ladurée is actually a café/tea room! You can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and more as you bite into your favorite Parisian pastry. And with all the pastel hues and the sweet scents, it's one of the more delightful culinary experiences in the French capita. No wonder the place is so iconic!
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons


One of the newer and less popular places on this list, Supernature is a great place for afternoon tea simply because of their philosophy. Just by their name alone, you can already tell that this place is all about the healthy vegan/vegetarian restaurant. So expect herbal teas, floral teas, and the like here. Not only will they taste immaculate, but they'll also be very good for your body. Not to mention the organic sweets and other dishes they'll offer to pair up with your warm cup. Don't you just love it when you're drinking something you know will benefit your health?
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris
Source: Supernature Facebook Page


Finally, a place that you probably didn't expect: Musée de l'Orangerie! Yep, one of Paris' best art galleries is also one of the finest hotspots for some afternoon tea. But don't think you'll be allowed to bring your cup to any of its beautiful exhibits! Let's not get it twisted! Instead, you can enjoy your afternoon tea in the museum's stunning covered courtyard. Not only are their teas and dishes delicious, but the place, with its Art Deco style, is one of the most beautiful in the city. In fact, some people to the gallery just to have afternoon tea here!
Top Five Places To Go For Afternoon Tea in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Having afternoon tea in Paris is just as delightful as enjoying a cup of coffee in a café! And if you go to any of these top five places, you actually might end up preferring to have tea here instead of coffee! Wouldn't that be lovely?

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