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Living Costs in Athens: What You Need to Know

August 19, 2021
Over the years, Athens has gained a reputation as the go-to hotspot for summer vacation among the rich and famous. You read about in magazines and gossip columns talking about the celebrities who go here. You've seen in movies and TV series—a Mediterranean paradise that's all about natural beauty with a hint of glamour and a lot of romance. Because of all of this, it's easy to think that the Greek capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And while some places here are pretty pricey, the overall costs of living in Athens tell another story.

Living Costs in Athens: What You Need to Know


Costs of Renting in Athens

Let's first take a look at renting a place in Athens. Normally, in many other cities around the world, rent would cost thousands of the local currency for a month's stay alone. By the end of a whole year, you would have spent tens—possibly even hundreds—of thousands of your money. But remember this is just rent! Meanwhile, here in Athens, the most expensive a monthly rental fee can go up is generally €1,2000.00 for a three-bedroom place in the heart of the city. And that's the maximum already. A one-bedroom in the same area will only cost you €300.00 to €600.00. 


Costs of Buying Property in Athens

Though it's buying a property in Athens that sort of matches the pricing in those of other cities. Similarly to the likes of Paris, London, Milan, and more, the price per square meter for a whole property in Athens can already cost you thousands of euros. To be exact, the price per square meter for a place in the more urban areas of the Greek capital costs around €1,400.00 to €3,000.00, with the common median being €2,003.76. For a place along the outskirts of the city, it can cost from €1,200.00 to €2,500.00 per square meter. Quite expensive but totally understandable. It's Athens, after all! 


Living Costs in Athens: What You Need to Know


Utilities Costs

If you got overwhelmed with the costs of buying a property in Athens, perhaps seeing the common utilities costs here would calm you down. They're not as expensive as you might think, and the price range is pretty common in European cities. Your monthly bills for electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more, for instance, will only cost you around €100.00 to €261.54. As for your wifi connection, a good plan will only cost you around €25.00 to €50.00 a month. Not bad right? especially if you paid tens or hundreds of thousands to buy your place yourself. 


Food Costs

If you think your utilities costs are low, wait until you go grocery shopping. Now, the prices you pay vary on the type of store you go to. Of course, if you prefer the more high-end grocery stores and supermarkets here in Athens, it will cost you more. But going to the mid-range places or even the more common supermarkets, you'll barely have to empty your wallet. In fact, the common total median price for a trip to the store is only €55.48. For less than €60.00, you can already stock up your fridge and shelves that will last you two weeks tops. 


Living Costs in Athens: What You Need to Know


Dining Costs

Dining doesn't have to cost you a lot in Athens either! While yes, there are numerous fine cuisines and esteemed establishments that your favorite celebrities probably frequent when they're here. However, these are the sorts of places where an entire meal can already cost you what you pay for rent in the Greek capital. Possible even double that! If you want to save and still get to eat out, stick to the affordable and mid-range hotspots. A mean in an inexpensive restaurant will only cost you around €6.00 to €15.00. While a three-course meal for two in a nice place will only be about €30.00 to €70.00. 


Transportation Costs

Traveling around the city is also an affordable endeavor. Most especially if you ride the many efficient public transport systems of the Greek capital. A one-way ticket will only cost you around €1.40, and when you double that for a round-trip ride, you still spend practically less than half of €5.00. Perhaps the most expensive you'll have to pay when commuting in Athens is a monthly travel pass, which often goes up to €33.00. It's still not bad! Now, if you prefer to purchase your own car, on the other hand, get ready to shell out a ton of money. €17,000.00 to €22,000.00 to be exact. 


Living Costs in Athens: What You Need to Know


Clothing Costs

It's no surprise that clothing doesn't cost a lot in Athens. The city is more known for its charming boutiques and startup contemporary brands rather than the world's best-known luxury brands. Though those same brands still have their own stores set up here, most people go to the boutiques instead. And a piece from such an establishment will only cost you around €20.00 to €40.00 tops. A pair of nice trainers from a beloved sportswear brand will cost you €50.00 to €100.00. While a pair of leather business shoes can go up to €130.00. Still not bad, right? 


Leisure Costs

The costs of leisure here in Athens aren't all that bad as well. Going to the gym, for instance, isn't an endeavor that will cost you hundreds of euros. Though it's a different story if you go for the swanky fitness clubs where you're sure to bump in to a movie star or a pop singer. But a monthly membership in a mid-range gym will only cost you more or less €8.33 to €50.00. As for watching a movie here in Athens, you'll only have to shell out €7.00 to €9.00. More if you want popcorn, candy, and soda! 


Childcare & Education Costs

Surprisingly, even paying for kid's education isn't as high as those in other major European cities. While in the likes of Paris, Rome, Brussels, you'll have to pay tens of thousands of euros so that your child can spend a term in a prestigious school, here in Athens, that's pretty rare. Ultimately, it will only cost you around €300.00 to €583.33 for your little one to go to a private preschool. While when they grow up, a term in a private or international primary school in Athens will cost you €5,000.00 to €10,000.00. At least every penny will be worth it for your kid's future! 




If you think Athens is the kind of place you'll end up with an empty wallet every night, think again! The living costs here in the Greek capital are much more manageable than those in other major European cities! 

And since you don't have to spend so much to live here, why not invest your money in a beautiful Athens luxury rental for your home here instead? Go on, you deserve it!



Athens, Greece
167 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
Athens, Greece
160 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
Thissio, Greece
290 € / night    
5 bedrooms4 bathrooms10
Athens, Greece
400 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom7