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Where To Do Crossfit in Paris

January 07, 2021
Now that the holiday season is over, you've probably gained a few pounds, didn't you? Don't deny it! Everyone eats a little too much over the holidays, it's tradition! Even here in Paris, a city where it seems just about everyone is fit and skinny, the people here cannot escape the holiday weight gain. Fortunately, there are a ton of places where they can easily shed all the weight off. Most especially when they do CrossFit. This fitness regimen will really grind people in more ways than one. And if you're up for it, here are some places you can have a go at it!
Where To Do Crossfit in Paris

CrossFit Original Addicts

Let's start with CrossFit Original Addicts. Just by its name alone, you can already tell how intense of a work-out awaits you here! Located on the 11th arrondissement of Paris, it's an upscale fitness center equipped with everything you need for a nice CrossFit session. Think weights in varying sizes to ensure your biceps are in check! Or enough space to have you running around and jumping over stuff. Not to mention a clean shower area to have you looking as good as new after you've sweat buckets! Ultimately, this is one of the best places to do CrossFit in the city!

R2 Bastille

One of many R2 Fitness places on this list, R2 Bastille is great for those beginning with CrossFit. It has all the necessary equipment for the exercise, yes, but the space isn't laid out to intimate you at all. Though, at the same time, it's not presented in a way that you can hone it in either. If you're really serious about doing CrossFit and you just want to start slow and steady, this is the place for you! More than the equipment, the instructors here will guide you along every step of the way.

Where To Do Crossfit in Paris

RAR CrossFit

Located along Boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr, RAR CrossFit, a great place to do the exerise. Not only does it have all the equipment necessary for CrossFit, but there's a serenity here that can help you concentrate. After all, CrossFit is, among other things, all about concentration. You'll need the type of straightforward environment such as this one to really do the work-out right. Not to mention the fact that RAR CrossFit also welcomes drop-ins, meaning you don't need to be a member nor schedule an appointment to work out here. It's one of very few Paris gyms to allow it.

Silvaticus CrossFit

Another gym where drop-ins are welcomed is Silvaticus CrossFit. Though it's not your typical box like in other CrossFit places. For one thing, they don't discriminate here. In other gyms, you need to be of a certain weight in order to get a membership and work out there. Here in Silvaticus CrossFit, beginners are more than welcome! Even when you're at your least fit, you're encouraged to start your regimen here! But you have to hurry as its CrossFit sessions are only open to up to 12 members each time! It's a testament to how popular the place is!

Where To Do Crossfit in Paris

Reebok CrossFit Louvre

Everyone knows about Reebok the sportswear label, right? Well, did you know that the company also ran fitness centers? And here in Paris, there's one wholly dedicated to CrossFit! Located in the Louvre district, practically a stone's throw away from the iconic museum, people are more than welcome to don their best Reebok gear and have their hand at the popular exercise. Set up as an industrial space, you'll really get inspired to go to your limits in this gym! Additionally, drop-ins are also allowed so you won't need to set an appointment or become a member here as well!

CrossFit Madeleine

Finally, there's CrossFit Madeleine. Nestled in the beautiful Madeleine neighborhood, it's one of the more popular fitness centers on this list. It's mostly because the gym isn't exclusive to CrossFit only. All sorts of other exercises are done and taught here, including yoga, pilates, and more. This is the reason why the place is also popular among women in the area. Still, despite its availability to other regimens, CrossFit remains the number one priority here. The place has enough space, the right equipment, and more to ensure that all the CrossFitters who go here won't be disappointed!

Where To Do Crossfit in Paris

You're in Paris, one of the most beautiful and the most romantic city in the world. Wouldn't you want to stay fit while you're here? If you do, you can always try doing CrossFit in any of these amazing gyms throughout the French capital!

CrossFit is no east exercise! You'll be exhausted after every session! Now, wouldn't it be just grand if you can relax in a luxury Parisian home right after?



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