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The Best Parks for Kids in Tel Aviv

December 29, 2021
What comes to mind when you think of Tel Aviv? The central business and finance hub of Israel? Sure! The former capital of the country? Yes! A cultural center in the region? Most probably! But what about a city for kids? Though the latter may not automatically come to your mind when you think of Tel Aviv, this doesn't, in any way, make it less true. The former Israeli capital is actually a wonderful city for your little ones! Why? There are many parks you can take them to for a fun day of playing, running, and spending time with family.
The Best Parks for Kids in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Botanical Garden

One of the oldest parks in the city, the Tel Aviv Botanical Gardens really is s magical. Think sandpits and swamps amid flowerbeds of exotic flora. A pond where petals float about in an excruciatingly beautiful scene. A zoological garden that's home to all sorts of birds, critters, fish, and more! What's not to love, right? Located in Abu Kabir district of Tel Aviv, it's. a nice natural escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Your kids will love seeing the animals in the mini-zoo, as well as playing around on the lawn that's perfect for a nice picnic!

Rothschild Boulevard

Even though Rothschild Boulevard is one of the main roads in Tel Aviv, the side-area here has become one of the more beautiful parks in the city. The tree-lined pathway looks straight out of a movie, the type of which that are either set in Paris or based in New York. And while it is close to one of the busier streets in the city, it's spacious enough for kids to run around and have some fun. It's the type of place wherein you want to relax after getting them from school and letting them play for a bit.

The Best Parks for Kids in Tel Aviv

Hayarkon Park

Arguably the most popular park in Tel Aviv, Hayarkon Park sees a whopping 13 million people every year. Why? Because it's also one of the more fun areas in the city too! This large natural oasis, with a beautiful lake in the middle (where you can row a boat), is home to a sports center, is often the venue for many concerts, a bird sanctuary, and more! There are so many things to do, to see, and to explore here that you wouldn't know where to start! Of course, your kids will love playing sports in the many courts and fields here.

Meir Park

A fish pond, a basketball court, an outdoor gym, and a playground. For a park that dates back all the way to the 1940s, there sure are so many things to do in Meir Park! And that's what makes it such a perfect place for some family fun! Your younger kids will probably rush to the playground the moment they get out of the car, what with the slides, swings, climbing frames, and more on offer. Your teenagers? If they're into basketball, you can go hold one-on-one matches or, if there are enough people, a full-on team game!

The Best Parks for Kids in Tel Aviv

Dubnov Garden

Located right smack in the center of the city, making it easy to reach via public transport, the Dubnov Garden is one of the heavily-visited places on this list. It's right by the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre and Museum of Art, making it a popular pitstop for tourists who want to relax after seeing everything the museum has to offer. If you brought your kids there too, they'll love playing in the playground here, equipped with all the classic features for their enjoyment. If you're going here on the weekends, you might want to bring your pet for a walk as well!

Abrasha Park

Finally, there's the beautiful coastal park that is Abrasha Park. Though there aren't a lot of playgrounds here, your little ones will still enjoy looking at the sea just beyond the park. Of course, the breezes here are so cool they won't mind not having a slide or swings nearby. After all, the open lawn allows for a big game of tag or calls for a football match against friends. For your more artistic children, they'll enjoy pretending to be in the theater with a grand amphitheater in the area. That's one way to make playtime a bit more educational!

The Best Parks for Kids in Tel Aviv

'Tel Aviv for tots!' Now that's something you don't see every day! But in reality, the former Israeli capital really is a great place for kids to visit or even move to! There are so many parks they can go to for playtime with friends and family!

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