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Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam

December 25, 2020
In many ways, Amsterdam has long been regarded as an adult's playground. From the infamous red-light district to being one of the first cities in the world to legalize marijuana, it's no surprise that so many people want to visit or even live here! And it helps that the city itself is quite the feast for the eyes, sort of like how a candy store would look like to a little kid. Speaking of little kids, however, the Dutch capital is as fun a city for them as it is for adults. It's thanks to the many playgrounds and play areas they can visit.
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam

Natuurspeeltuin Het Woeste Westen

Het Woeste Westen prides itself as one of the premier camping grounds for kids in Amsterdam. Since most of the districts of the city are heavily urban areas, this place is the closest the little ones can get to the countryside. And it helps that it has a fun playground and obstacle course, not just so they can have fun playing around, but also to teach them about surviving and enduring what Mother Earth might throw at them. Think treestump bridges, rope ladders, and the like. They're perfect for the adventurous and tough kids! All, of course, in good fun!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Het Woeste Westen Facebook Page


Vondelpark is one of the more popular ones on this list. A beautiful patch of botanical bliss amidst the very urban and bustling Dutch capital, it's no surprise that it has captured the attention of so many families in the city. Though there are many small playgrounds at every corner of the place, the big treehouse is always a big winner. That along with the tree-top climbing bridge will not only pump your kids' adrenaline to full throttle, but it will also give them a stunning view of the city. You might like to climb up here yourself too!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Hetvondelpark.net


If you think Amsterdam's finest schools are the only places where your little ones can learn all kinds of stuff, think again! Hee in Jeugdland, the biggest adventure park in the city, your kids can pretend to be construction workers and learn how to build all sorts of structures. Be it a house, a fort, or anything their little creative minds can muster up, as long as they learn something new, it's the sort of playtime you ought to give them more of from time to time. Of course, though this is a play area, they won't be left to their own divided while building. So you don't have to worry about that!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Jeugdland Maakland Facebook Page

Het Landje

Another place they can build and construct something new is in Het Landje! Now here is where your little ones can really act like construction workers! With woods all around and a toolbox provided, your children are encouraged to make whatever they want. Whether it's a fort to rule over or a house to play pretend in, the sky's the limit to what they can build up—and eventually tear down too!—in this one-of-a-kind play area! And when they get too hot and tired, the pon nearby is the perfect place for a refreshing dip! What's not to love?
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Het Diereneiland

If your kids have been bitten by the builder bug and don't want to stop constructing new things, you can still take them to Het Diereneiland! More so a petting zoo than your standard playground, your kids can pet the little bunnies, chicks, puppies, and more here! And on weekends, the place holds a woodwork workshop where your young ones can help build a small village to house the adorable animals that live here. Of course, there are still corners within this place that don't have to do with animals. By the lake, for instance, the shore has a sandy surface where your youngest can toddle around, dig up holes, build sandcastles, and more!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Hetdiereneiland.nl

Natuurspeeltuin de Natureluur

You can probably already tell by its name what kind of place Natuurspeeltuin de Natureluur is! Full of forest paths they can walk along on, fallen trees then can climb and jump off of, rope ladders they can test their endurance on, this place is the go-to nature park for some outdoor fun! Sure, the standard slides and swings are all well and good, but if you're going to spend a day with your kids, why not go somewhere a bit more extreme. A great benefit here is that they'll likely garner a better appreciation for nature!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Natuurspeeltuin de Natureluur Facebook Page


Sets of swings, climbing poles, rope nets, wooden rafts, and more! These are just some of the many fun things that await your little ones at Speeleilanden! Located near the Amsterdam Bostheatre, this place is more on the standard-side of playgrounds but in no way less exciting than the others! Your older kids will tire themselves out climbing on the rope ladders pretending they're soldiers, going down the poles as if they're firemen, or riding the wooden rafts as a castaway would! Meanwhile, the nearby lake is perfect for a swim afterward, especially since there are lifeguards stationed here as well!
Where Kids Can Have Fun in Amsterdam
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who says Amsterdam is only fun for adults? As wild and freaky as the city can be for families, the many playgrounds and play areas in the Dutch capital beg to disagree on this! These places prove that Amsterdam can be a great home to families too!

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