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Where Your Kids Will Have Fun in Vancouver

December 24, 2021
Vancouver, in many ways, is one of the more family-friendly big cities in Canada. when it comes to cities like this, it's pretty rare that such a place is suitable for children, not that it's impossible to raise them there. It's just that kids are better off growing up in suburban areas. But Vancouver is different! It has practically everything a city needs for kids to grow up happy, healthy, and more. Not the least of which are the various places they can have fun in. The city's playgrounds are top-notch and are perfect for your little ones to spend some much-needed playtime.
Where Your Kids Will Have Fun in Vancouver

Lions Park at Centennial Beach

Its location is already a big win for this playground. On hot sunny days, your kids will likely love playing around in Lions Park at Centennial Beach. The water is just a stone's throw away, so when the sun gets a little too hot, they can always run to the sea as fast as they can. And if they still don't want to go home after a fun day at the beach but you don't want them to get wet, letting swing, climb, and slide down in the playground here is your best option! It's the best of both worlds!

Maple Ridge Park

The playground at Maple Ridge Park is as classic as ever. Colorful features that will excite your little ones when they see it from afar. A silver metal slide that your babies will likely want you to watch them slide down there. A sandpit where your youngest can dig up holes and enjoy the time of his/her young life. As for you, you'll love the fact that there are a lot of trees around, allowing you to rest under the shade as your kids play all day long. Though it may not be the most exciting playground out there, it's one worth going to nonetheless!

Where Your Kids Will Have Fun in Vancouver

Queenston Park

If your kids are the type who want their adrenaline pumped to maximum overdrive, bring them to Queenston Park! Looking more like a part of the obstacle course at American Ninja Warrior, this place is truly something else. Think rope bridges lined up against a hill a'la military style. Or a squiggly metal slide that can rival any waterpark slide any day! All sorts of climbing features to get your kids to reach new heights. And a whole lot more! Fortunately, the flooring here is carpeted so you don't ahve to prematurely worry about healthcare costs when you take your kids here!

Rocky Point Park

It's equal parts standard playground and waterpark! What's not to love? Though for a lot of people, the answer to a hot summer is, for instance, traveling to the exciting ski-town of Whisler and whatnot, those who don't have the time, money, or energy to do so can simply bring their family to Rocky Point Park! Here, the big sprinklers and fun showers will ensure your kids won't get too sweaty or complain about the hot sun too much. In fact, because you brought them here, they'll likely thank the sun afterward! Surely you will too after a fun family day in this awesome park!

Where Your Kids Will Have Fun in Vancouver

Sapperton Park

With all the wood and rope going around, you're more likely to think of this as some sort of tribal structure than anything else! But that's the fun of Sapperton Park. The standard playground, a wooden complex with all sorts of climbing frames, rope ladders, and the like, will have your kids running and climbing all over the place before the day is through. They can pretend they're soldiers training in the military, Native Americans battling off other tribes, and more! And when the sun is extra hot, the nearby waterpark is a great alternative!

Steveston Community Park

Rain towers, huge sprinklers, big bubblers, and spray guns. These are just a few of the very fun things to expect at Steveston Community Park. What basically looks like a colorful set of huge sprinklers in the middle of a vast, beautiful park, the playground here has become a go-to summer destination for families during the hot season. Of course, your kids (and perhaps even pets!) will enjoy running around the sprinklers, hopefully moving carefully so as to not trip. While you're probably relaxing under a big shower to cool off! With all that and more, what's not to love about this park?

Where Your Kids Will Have Fun in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the best cities to raise your family. Though it's quite an urban oasis, a few playgrounds make it more enjoyable for your little ones. They're the perfect places to spend a family day together during the weekends or when you're free!

Do you know where else your kids will like to spend time in Vancouver? In a luxury rental that you picked for you and your family for your stay here!

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