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12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing

March 11, 2021
Unfortunately, many people find Whistler, Canada such a boring town to go to because it's only about winter sports. The snow-covered mountains are beautiful, sure, but if you're not into skiing, snowboarding, and the like, why would you come here? If you think Whistler won't be much fun for you, think again! There are loads of activities that are not snow-related that you can do.

12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing


Ride A Gondola

No, the gondolas here in Whistler aren't the same as the ones in Venice. The latter are mostly romantic long boats, while the former are actually cable carts. But these aren't your ordinary cable carts neither. The Peak 2 Peak gondola ride here offers up magnificent views of the snow-ladened area. Miles and miles of pine trees sprinkled with snow all looking like a Christmas postcard. You're guaranteed to not see any view quite like it anywhere else. 


Tour in A Helicopter

Why stop at a gondola when you can take a helicopter too? Yep, here at Whistler, you can book a helicopter ride to see all of the magnificent mountains and forests this side of British Columbia. Witness the glory of Mother Earth by taking flight in one of these amazing vehicles. However, this sort of thing is reserved for those who can handle it. Helicopter touring pumps one's adrenaline so much that it's not for the faint of heart. 


Go Mountain Biking

Remember that Whistler is mostly made up of tall beautiful mountains. So what do you do here? For one thing, you can ride a mountain bike. There are certain areas within this mountainous region that aren't covered in snow. And they're the best ones to ride your bike on! The views they offer are simply magnificent. Not to mention that fresh, unpolluted air that will breeze through your face. Fortunately, there are a lot of places in Whistler where you can rent a bike! 


12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing


Go Hiking

If you're not into biking, you can always go hiking instead. And it's better to hike within the same bare paths so as to not feel like you're on an expedition up on Mt. Everest. On the warmer sides of the Whistler mountains, you'll only get fresh air, sweet pine scents, lovely trees for shade, and a whole lot of sunshine. You might even chance upon some nice hot springs—a perfect ending to one exhausting adventure! Just make sure you don't leave any trash behind. More than polluting the earth, you risk inviting grizzly bears into the area as well. 


Play Golf

What makes playing golf in Whistler better than playing golf at home? The scenery, the fresh mountain breezes, direct sunshine, and more. The reason why golf is usually played during the moring back in the big cities is that it's the best time for it temperature-wise. It's not too hot but it's also not too cold. But in certain areas here in Whistler, that temperature remains the same throughout the day. Not to mention it's always so peaceful here for a game of golf. 


Learn About Squamish Culture

When you get to Whistler, there's one place you truly must go to: the Squamish-Lil'wat Cultural Centre. It's one of the very few of its kind that showcases Squamish culture and puts it at the forefront. Here, you'll get to learn more about the First Nation, their culture, and customs. As well as how many of them are still living today. It's a rare look into the civilization that helped cultivate the communities that now live in the area and in the country. 

12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing

Source: Squamish-Lil'wat Cultural Centre Facebook Page


Visit A Gallery

Don't let Whistler fool you. They're more than just a ski-town. They have their own fair share of museums and galleries as well. These aren’t exactly like those in Paris or whatnot, but they’re worth checking out nonetheless! One of them that's relatively new is the Audain Art Museum. Here, the works of prominent artists like James Hart and Emily Carr are displayed for your viewing pleasure. Not to mention authentic masks made by First Nation people. It's a beautiful mix of old and new are that connects the past to the present. 


Row A Boat

Surrounding the mountainous town of Whistler are a few good lakes where you can row your boat. And they're not frozen. These scenic lakes offer up a peaceful retreat away from city life and the busy skiers up on the mountains. They're great places to just take the load off, float away, and just let off some steam. And for those on their honeymoon, it's a great romantic activity perfect for some alone time. 


Drink Beer

Sure, you can drink just about anything to want in Whistler. Hot chocolate is a major favorite here! But you haven't lived until you've tried the fantastic beer brewed by the locals at Whistler. The famous ski town now has a few breweries that make fresh craft beer with unique tastes. It might be because of the special ingredients that they find within the area. Or it might also be that they just have a different way of crafting beer. Whichever it is, it's not a complete Whistler visit without tasting homemade Whistler beer! 


12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing


Catch A Fish

There are two types of fishing you can do at or near Whistler. There's the normal fishing down on any of the magnificent lakes and rivers that surround the area. This relaxing recreational activity is made even better with the fresh mountain breezes and stunning sceneries. But you can also do ice-fishing as well. Go out on a frozen lake and try your luck at fishing the way the locals used to do it before! 


Do an Escape Room

Yes, there's actually an Escape Room here in Whistler. And while it doesn't differ as much from the ones back home, it's still a welcome change of pace when you're staying here. This is the type of activity you'd love to do with friends when you've done most of the snow-related activities in Whistler. When you're tired of skiing, fishing, and boat riding on the nearby lakes, an exciting game in the town's Escape Room is the last thing to do. 


Throw an Axe

Need something to do to release your emotions? Look no further than axe-throwing. Yes, this is an actual activity done here at Whistler at Forged Axe Throwing. When you just want to throw some aggression away, there's a place where you can throw forged axes to your heart's content. It may sound ridiculous at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see that it's not only fun, it's also a bit cathartic! 

12 Things You Can Do in Whistler, Canada Apart from Skiing
Source: Forged Axe Throwing Facebook Page
The next time you're in Whistler, Canada, throw your skis away and do something different. It doesn't have to be related to winter sports. It just has to be something you'd enjoy doing! 



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