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Canada's Healthcare System: What You Ought to Know

August 16, 2020
If there's one thing that Canada can easily boast about, it's their effective healthcare system. The North American nation has one of the best in the world, known for its efficiency and fair coverage for everyone living in the country. While healthcare is a hot button issue in many other countries, here in Canada, it's practically universally accepted that it's a fair and effective system that required little to no change. So what about it do the Canadians love so much? And if you're visiting the country, can you access it? It's better that you understand Canada's healthcare system to answer all these questions.

Canada's Healthcare System: What You Ought to Know


The Universality of Canada's Healthcare

Canada's healthcare operates on a universal system, meaning all citizens and residents in the country can access it. At the same time, all citizens and residents are required to get health coverage as mandated by the current system. Most companies already offer health insurance plans to their employees, while many others are obliged to get, at the very least, public coverage. Through any plan a citizen or resident has, they'll be able to avail of various medication, get subsidized rates on hospital stays, getting a doctor, and different medical treatments, as well as efficient maternity services for expecting mothers. 


Can You Access Canada's Healthcare System?

As already mentioned, since Canada's healthcare operates on a universal system, all citizens and residents have access to it. But if you're just a visitor, you won't get the same right. Only those officially recognized as citizens or legally residing in the country are given this right. At best, you might be able to get access to Canada's emergency services, but when it comes to paying for them, you might get faced with the full price. That is if you're not covered. As a visitor, you can still get travel medical insurance as a form of private coverage to help you get the subsidized rates that citizens and residents enjoy. 


Canada's Healthcare System: What You Ought to Know


Who Pays for Canada's Healthcare System?

Through Medicare, the Canadian healthcare system's main public entity, those with health coverage get to avail of many services in the country. However, who exactly pays for all of these services? The answer is everyone. As taxpayers get to enjoy the right of the healthcare system in Canada, they're also actually the ones paying for it through federal taxes. The system also gets funded through charitable institutions, often set up by the mane healthcare entities in the country. And before you think those with private insurance are free of paying for healthcare, think again. Private insurers also contribute a lot to helping keep the healthcare system intact. 


The Federal Government's Role in the System

Since federal taxes help pay for the healthcare system in Canada, it's only natural that the federal government gets a say too in how many aspects of the system are run. Unsurprisingly, they provide funding for many health facilities in Canada, most especially the public hospitals. At the same time, the federal government also sets the standards of quality care that patients receive in the country. They ensure that every medicine, treatment, and more that people get through their coverage are up to par throughout most of Canada. And finally, the feds also help regulate the pharmaceuticals that people have access to, ensuring that they're all safe and effective. 


Canada's Healthcare System: What You Ought to Know


Standards for Health Insurance Plans in Canada

Despite operating on a universal healthcare system, as well as the major contribution of the federal government in keeping the system intact, Canada mostly leaves it up to the local governments in its many provinces on how to go about administering health coverage. However, they all do follow the same standards, mostly to ensure that everyone who lives within each territory family gets efficient and high-quality care. For one thing, public health insurance should be, as the name already suggests, publicly administered. It has to be available to all citizens and residents in the respective provinces. And finally, the standards also have to be up to par with those set by the Canadian Health Act


What Medicare Doesn't Cover 

As already mentioned, Medicare is one of the big government bodies that help administer the country's public healthcare coverage. But don't expect that Medicare offers and covers everything. The reason getting private health insurance is highly advisable, often on top of one's public coverage, is because Medicare doesn't cover and offer all health services available in Canada. Specifically, it doesn't cover paying for prescription drugs, dental care, and services that affect one's vision. You'll have to pay the full amount when purchasing prescription drugs. And as for dental and vision care, private insurance provides them more than public coverage. 


Canada's Healthcare System: What You Ought to Know


Before going to Canada, you ought to know more about the country's healthcare system! You'll realize why it's touted as one of the best in the world and know if you can gain access to it yourself! The more you know, the better! 

Either way, even if you have access to Canada's healthcare or not, you'd do good to invest in a Canadain luxury rental as your new home here! It will keep you healthy better than anywhere else.