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Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles

December 18, 2021
Ahh, Los Angeles! The 'City of Dreams!' The playground of the rich and famous! LA is the type of city that you probably dreamed of going to and settling down in when you were a kid. If you had big dreams, you knew that going to LA will be part of making those dreams a reality. Though adults aren't the only ones who get to have all the fun in Los Angeles. The city is just as welcoming for the kids as well. Most especially since it has a handful of playgrounds that they can play around and go wild!
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles

Anthony C. Beilenson Park

The city of Los Angeles is big and vast that it's common that different parts of it look totally different from each other. Take Lake Balboa in San Fernando Valley, for instance. This area looks more like a scenic countryside where families go off to for vacation rather than part of one of the busiest cities in the world. But it's still very much in LA. And the playground here is one of the city's finest. Nestled in the Anthony C. Beilenson Park, the playground has all the classic features you kid will love to play in. Not to mention a stunning lake beside it with ducks and geese floating by.
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: LAParks.org

Coldwater Canyon Park

Beverly Hills is one of, if not the most upscale areas, not just in LA, but in the entire state of California. It's more known for its big mansions, high fashion stores, upscale restaurants, and more. Not exactly a perfect place to bring your kids to, is it? Well, not unless you bring them to Coldwater Canyon Park! A good ten minutes away fro the famous Rodeo Drive, it's surprisingly a peaceful play area in the city. Sure, it can get noisy with all the kids running around, but for the most part, particularly because of its location, the environment here is chill and relaxed.
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Grand Park

Tube slides, rope ladders, a treehouse, colorful tunnels, and beside them? Some cool fountains to run around. These are just some of the reasons why your kids will go wild if you bring them to Grand Park in Downtown LA. Granted this area is not the safest in the city, the playground alone is a enough of a reason to spend an entire day with your family here. With so many amazing playground features, your kid won't know where to start first! And when things get a little too heated, a quick run though the fountains will cool them down right away!
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: Grand Park Sports Facebook Page

Griffith Park Recreation Center

When LA Magazine asked kids what they're favorite playground in LA is, 7-year-old Lauryn said hers was the Griffith Park Recreation Center. “There are zip lines that go really fast, and there’s this bridge you can go through that’s made of rope. And there’s monkey bars, and there are two slides you can race down. There are also these spinny things you can spin on.she told the magazine. Who know an adorable 7-year-old can be so convince? Just by her response, you can already get a good sense of the types of adventurous playtime your kids will have when you bring them here!
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: LAParks.org

Reese’s Retreat

This particular playground isn't just a retreat for Reese, but for you, as a parent, too! Kids just absolutely love this park, mainly because of the pirate-themed ambiance of the place. The central playground area already looks like a pirate ship, making your children's eyes glimmer with excitement the moment they see it from afar. Your kids will likely play pirates for hours that you probably be able to get away for a bit (as long as you ask other adults to look after them, of course!) and find the nearest hotspot to work in! Hitting two birds with one stone! Who wouldn't want that?
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: Reese’s Retreat Facebook Page

Shane’s Inspiration

< The Griffith Park Observatory, the LA Zoo, the Autry Museum, and more! These are just some awesome LA attractions that you'll only be a stone's throw away from if you bring your kids to Shane's Inspiration playground. With all sorts of different features, your kids will have a ball spending the entire day here. Or, at least, while you rest a bit after going to the zoo! Some of the more exciting features include a zipline, a merry-go-round, and even some musical features to help unleash your child's creativity. So not only are they getting some much-needed playtime here, but they're also receiving quite the musical education!
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: Shane’s Inspiration.org

Vincent Lugo Park

Finally, there's the Vincent Lugo Park, What's so special about this one, you ask? Well, for one thing, it's also known as the 'Dinosaur Park.' Gigantic dinosaurs are scattered throughout the park, allowing kids to play around or even climb on them if they wish. Your little ones can act like cavemen, pretending to hunt these extinct creatures or even hunt each other while paying hide-and-seek. Of course, you can also teach them about dinosaurs yourselves, especially when they ask you questions about those they'll see in this park. Overall, the fun won't stop in this playground!
Where Kids Can Have Playground Fun in Los Angeles
Source: SanGabrielCity.com

Who knew Los Angeles is actually as fun a place for kids as it is for adults? Though the playground they go too are completely different from those that adults play in, the principles of fun, laughter, and having a good time are one and the same!

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