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The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

May 20, 2021
LA is the kind of city you think where people just play around, jam out, and not worry about work, isn't it? Since it's the home of Tinsel Town, it must be all about parties, nights out, and galas galore! Well, think again! The 'City of Angels' is just as busy and bustling a metropolis like any other city in the world. In fact, you might even see a good number of people working in many of the city's coolest hotspots. And if you're a busybody yourself and you want to work outside the office in Los Angeles, here are some solid options.

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work


Alchemist Coffee Project

Whether you go to the Pasadena branch or the one down in the Portland area, Alchemist Coffee Project is a well-known hotspot perfect for an afternoon of work. If you're working alone on some uncompleted tasks, their many solo tables can easily accommodate you. But if you bring along a few co-workers for a late cramming sesh, their communal areas are just as good too. Of course, their food is amazing. However, arguably the best part about this place is, compared to other spots on this list, they have the most number of outlets within their vicinity. You can charge away as you work for as long as you want here! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Alchemist Coffee Project Facebook Page


Bricks and Scones

Sometimes, it's not enough that the coffee shop you chose to work in has the basic necessities you need for a good workspace. It also has to have a certain feel to it. A rather intimate and inviting vibe that will make you feel welcome to spend hours inside typing and dabbling away on your laptop. A good example of such is Bricks and Scones. With its uniquely rustic ambiance and industrial-style exterior, it evokes that welcoming feeling that will keep you at peace while inside. Not to mention, of course, their delicious menu of pastries, from sweet scones to cute cupcakes! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Bricks and Scones Facebook Page


Copa Vida

Other times, however, you might prefer to work in a space that's more open. Most especially if you're working alongside your co-workers outside of the office. Wouldn't it be more comfortable to be in a setting with wide-enough spaces and lots of that LA sunshine? Well, look no further than Copa Vida. A studio-like coffee shop, this hotspot has become a go-to workspace for many of the city's busybodies. It's not surprising considering the place has strong Wifi, big windows that let in natural light, and a spacious atmosphere that makes working here comfortable and easy. 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Copa Vida


Eightfold Coffee 

If it's elegance you're after, Eightfold Coffee is just your LA hotspot. With their marble tables and stark-white minimalist interior, it looks more like a modern art gallery than your run-of-the-mill coffee shop. And at times, that works better for you when you need to work. Without it looking like a traditional cafe, you might be able to better focus on the task at hand. Especially since there's little to no visually distracting element in the decoration of the place. As far as food and drink are concerned, their selection of coffees, teas, and pastries are enough to keep you nourished until you finish the job! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Eightfold Coffee


Fika Fika

Very rarely does any establishment in LA fit the description of "cozy." Cool, maybe! Elegant and sophisticated? A dime a dozen here in "Tinsel Town." Exciting? Of course! But 'cozy?" There's only about a handful of such hotspots in the "City of Angels." One of them is Fika Fika. This spacious yet intimately-lighted cafe by the Arcadia area is the type of coffee shop that will make you feel right at home. Most especially if you sit in their many plush sofas. And of course, it's this sort of environment that makes working outside of the office comfortable and easy to do. 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Unsplash


Friends & Family

With a name like 'Friends & Family,' you'd expect to have a homely feel to it. And it does! This beautiful cafe along the famous Hollywood blvd is one of the rare spots in the area that's relaxing and inviting. You might not even feel like you're actually in Hollywood when you're here. That's how comforting and welcoming the atmosphere is here. But beyond that, the real clincher of this hotspot is its food. You'll breeze through your work as you chomp down their delicious cakes, sweet pastries, strong coffees, and smooth teas. The must-orders according to those who've been here are their bagels, croissants, and doughnuts! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Unsplash


Highlight Coffee

Apart from Hollywood and the glamour that comes with it, what makes LA such a famous city? It's sunshine! There's just something about this spot on the West coast that the sun just seems to shine brighter than usual. And if you live here, you'd want to feel that as much as you can during the day. Even when you're working. So why not go to a cafe that has ample sunshine to let you work in a warm and sunny spot? Namely, Highlighted Coffee, located in the city's Greendale neighborhood. It's a slightly small cafe that's peaceful enough for work, but boy does it light up with the LA sunshine! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Highlight Coffee Facebook Page


Swork Coffee

You'll notice even with its name, 'Swork Coffee,' that this LA hotspot is all about the remote worker and his/her needs. It practically has everything you'll need for a nice workspace: ample sunshine, plenty of outlets, enough spaces between tables and booths, a great menu, and it's often quiet and peaceful here. However, even when it has all these things, it doesn't lose its cool LA appeal. You'll still feel that you're working in one of the hippest cities in the world. So, if you're up for a work session outside your home or the office, here's a perfect spot! 

The Perfect LA Hotspots Where You Can Still Work

Source: Swork Coffee 


Who would have thought that LA has a good fair share of hotspots perfect for you to work at when you're not at home nor at the office? It just goes to show that this city really is as serious as other major ones out there. You'll still get work done here!