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How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

November 30, 2020
Homes in Paris are already so beautiful, so elegant, and so dreamy that it almost feels like they couldn't look any better. And while that's mostly true, they could always use a little perking up, most especially during the holidays. No matter what you say about the 'true holiday spirit,' you can't deny that seeing a festive home definitely helps. Even more so in a beautiful city like Paris! But now, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you're encouraged to stay indoors. Will that damper your spirit? Of course not! Especially not if you make it look festive yourself!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

Put Lights on Any or All Plants in The Home

Putting plans in your home is already tricky enough, what more if you want to make them look festive for the holiday season? Sure, a Christmas tree is all well and good, but don't you think that's over and done with? A lone Christmas tree won't be enough to really capture the joy and celebratory mood of the season. So apart from your Christmas tree, why not put fairy lights—some might call 'Christmas lights'—on all of the plants in your home? After all, they deserve a little makeover just for the holidays. A few twinkles and sparkles wouldn't hurt!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

Go For The Gold

Speaking of twinkle and sparkle, a little god never hurt either! As the saying goes, 'All that glitters is not gold,' and while that's true, gold still shines unlike any other. No wonder it's a signature color for the holidays just like red and green! And, of course, no Parisian home is complete with a little gold in it. Perhaps your own place probably already has a few gilded details, from the shimmering doorknobs to the golden finish of your mirror frames. But for the holidays, why not take it up a notch? Say, golden candelabras on the dinner table? A gold-rimmed dishes for Christmas dinner? The possibilities are endless!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

Color-Code Your Linens and Sheets

Gold can also work well as covers for your cushions or your new linens. Because half of the decorating is all about the sheets in your home. Wouldn't you prefer golden curtains to line your windows during the holidays instead of the usual white or beige? As for your cushions? Cover them in red or green covers to really bring in the festive mood! It's all about having a good eye and knowing which to change and when it's too much. After all, though you want your Parisian home to look festive, you still have to be careful it won't end up looking like an Ikea Christmas window display!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

A Mistletoe is A Must

It's no secret that Paris is one of, if not the most romantic city in the world. And it's just as romantic during the holidays too! Most especially if you put a little mistletoe in your home. Though, being that you're in Paris, you're probably kissing and making love to your significant other whether it's Christmastime or not. If the movies are anything to go by, the city just put you in the mood! However, sprinkling in some mistletoe here and there—even though you don't need one to steal a smooch from that someone special—provides the right mood for the holidays.
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

It's All About The Centerpiece

Here in Paris, a Christmas tradition is to have dinner with your loved ones. Normally, many people here would opt to go to fancy restaurants and such, but seeing as the Covid-19 pandemic is still at large, it's better to celebrate Christmas at home. And you know what that means, right? A home-cooked dinner! What you serve for dinner is a different matter entirely, but to ensure that the festive mood is alive and well for the holiday, put a nice centerpiece on the center of your dinner table. Pile on some flowers, mistletoe, perhaps a sparkly ribbon or two, a candle, and you're good to go!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

Add In Some Iconic (Mini) Monuments

Boy, seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle during the holidays would really put you in the right mood, won't it? It's already shaped somewhat like a Christmas tree, so seeing it sparkle would probably remind you of the Christmas trees you saw in your home when you were younger. But going out to this iconic monument isn't a great idea right now, so what are you going to do? Well, a nice alternative is to get a mini version—preferable one that's just as sparkly—and put it in your home as part of the Christmas decoration. A golden glittering mini Eiffel Tower, and throw in a gingerbread Arc de Triomphe, will really lift the spirits this holiday season in Paris!
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

Light Up with Candles

Lest you forget, Christmas is as solemn a holiday as it is a festive one. And if you're a practicing Catholic (as many in Paris are), you might want to put in a candle or two. Or four on a wreath to celebrate Advent as well! Fairy lights may bring in the joyous spirit of Christmas, but the candles will remind you that this special day is still a holy day at that. Just picture how soothing, serene, and peaceful your home would look in the early evenings when it's just your candles and fairy lights providing the lights.
How To Make Your Paris Home Look More Festive For The Holidays

It's hard to feel festive this coming holiday season what with 2020 that way it was. But that shouldn't lower your spirits! You can always change it up starting with how your home looks! It's never too late to fill the home with the holiday spirit by dressing it up nicely!

Of course, these decoration ideas are only icing on the cake. If you live in a luxury rental, you won't need a lot to make it look beautiful and festive for the holiday season!





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