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How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids

October 19, 2020
Who wouldn't want a little botanical bliss in their homes? Putting a few plants in your home is a great way to liven things up. Not only do they add color to your own space, but they also freshen up the air inside. However, it's trickier when you have kids around. There's no telling what kind of mischief that can get into when they spot your plants. from spreading the dirt all over the place to even an accident. That's why you need to be careful about where you place them. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your little ones can't get their hands on your home flora.

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Keep 'em Hanging! 

Hanging your plants is already a popular way of incorporating some nature into your home. This comes as no surprise too because doing so has a lot of benefits. For one thing, your little ones won't be able to reach them. They'll probably get fixated by the hanging plants when they see them, but try as they might, they're not tall enough reach them. Your kids will just have to settle on simply looking at them from afar. Moreover, hanging your plants will give you a lot of space. At least, with your children running around, there are fewer things they'd bump into. 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Place Them By the Window

What's another thing they can't reach? The windows! Or, at the very least, you can make their play area far from any windows you want to decorate with a flower or two. But as long as the windows in your place are high enough, you really have nothing to worry about. In fact, the window is actually one of the best places to put your plant on. They can get as much sunlight as they need in order to grow and even photosynthesize. All you have to do is water them from time to time. Don't you want healthier flora in your home? Of course, you do! 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Put it Atop a Cabinet

You'd think that your dining table or a desk is the third best place to put your plants inside your home. And while they're still good locations, unfortunately, your little ones can easily climb up and get them. What happens if they push your potted plant off said surfaces? Not only will have quite the mess, but your baby might also get hurt. So instead, place your plants on your cabinet. It'll add a natural charm to it and it'd be high enough that your child won't reach it. And when you decorate it just right, your home might even end up looking like a Roman garden or something! 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Let it Freshen Up the Bathroom

Let's face it: the bathroom doesn't always smell nice! Even a bathroom in a Parisian apartment wouldn't smell as sweet as the city itself. This is why putting in a few plants inside it might work. A lavender shrub maybe? Or perhaps a few daisies? When you take a bath, sprinkling in some rose petals might make it more relaxing! Either way, your bathroom can use some botanical bliss every once and a while. But with regards to your kids, at least they won't be able to fiddle and play with your plants if you place them in the bathroom. Whether this is a good thing or not, the bathroom isn't exactly the favorite place of the little ones. 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Hide it By the Stairs

Do you have stairs in your home? If you do, you might want to place your plants by them. If you can hide them as well, that'd be better! Though don't position them in a spot or in a way that will block people's way when climbing them. Put them on the side, by the corner, and whatnot. Just imagine how gorgeous it'd look with some beautiful flowers or luscious greeneries! And since the stairs are some of the many places in your home your kid shouldn't be allowed to play in, your plants will be safe no matter what! 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Put Some On the Cupboards

Sometimes, your cupboards can use some botanical bliss too. In fact, it's even better if you can get some spices and herbs off of the plant you're growing. Think how it'd easy it'd be to season your dishes when there's some there's a rosemary, thyme, or basil plant in your kitchen. And what's the best spot in this room to place then on? On top of the cupboard! Preferably by your spice rack! Either way, your kids won't be able to reach them when they're there. So as long as you let the plants freshen the air and your dishes, it's a win-win situation! 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Always on The Ledge

While the ledge by the roof or by your bedroom window would be great places for your plants to grow and provide some much-needed beautification, you still have to be careful. Sure, your kids won't be able to reach them there, but they can just as easily get hit when your plants fall down. And you definitely won't want that! So if you want to place your plants on some ledge, maker sure of two things. First, that the ledge is wide enough that there's little to no risk of your plants falling off. And second, that the area underneath the ledge isn't a place your kids would play and hang around in. 

How to Put Plants in Your Home When You Have Kids


Putting some plants in your home is a surefire way to brighten and freshen things up! When you have kids, however, this might be more difficult than it seems. Not to worry! There are a few ways in which you can still decorate your place with plants without your children reaching them!  

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