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Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

November 30, 2020
To say that 2020 has been a unique year is the understatement of the new millennium. Probably nobody could have predicted that as the new '20s' rolled in, the world would spend it mostly in their homes. But to say that the year is over isn't exactly accurate either. There are still the holidays, especially Christmas, which has always been what most look forward to every year. And before you proclaim that 'Christmas is over!' many would beg to differ! After all, Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones, right? Well, you don't need to go out of your home to do that, even in the city of Paris!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Remember Your Traditions

The world has many different Christmas traditions, each more unique, more fascinating, and perhaps even more peculiar than the next. France—particularly Parisians—are no different! There are ways in which the people here celebrate the holidays only they can. Though, while most of them entail going out, there are some that you can do just inside your home. For one thing, you might not be traveling far this holiday season, but Santa sure will. He hasn't forgotten the nice boys and girls this year. And as with French tradition, your kids can still leave out their shoes by the fireplace do that Santa will know where to leave their presents.
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Tell A Personal Christmas Story

Sure, there are a lot of Christmas stories worth telling. From the classic tales to best-selling books, there's plenty of storytime for Christmas eve and Christmas day! But why not mix it up a little? After all, 2020 has been a year unlike any other, right? Make it consistent and do something for Christmas that you haven't done before. That includes storytime! Instead of the famous fairytales and whatnot, tell your loved ones about some personal stories related to or that happened during Christmastime. It might have happened to you or to someone you know. That'd make for a better Christmas tale than any other overused story!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Make Something With The Family

During any French holiday, but especially during Christmas, a big feast is an absolute must! Pop open the champagne and serve the best dishes (your) money can buy! Or, perhaps, your and your loved ones can make! A great way to spend an entire day with your family for Christmas is to make, bake, and prepare the food yourselves. After all, you'll be the ones to eat it all by the end anyway! Your kids will enjoy getting to bake their favorite French holiday treats with you, though not as much as they'll love enjoying them after dinner!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Watch A Christmas Movie

Watching a movie during Christmastime is always a winner. There's nothing like cozying it up with your loved ones, eating popcorn you popped above the fireplace, maybe even enjoying the treats you made a little while ago, and simply enjoying a good movie. There's a calmness to getting lost in the world of a movie. It can even help you, at least for a time, and especially during this time of the year, to forget all the troubles and tribulations you (and the whole world) faces this past year. If you're with your whole family, perhaps a nice Disney movie might do! But if you're just with your significant other, a rom-com is always a winner!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Play A Board Game

Watching a movie a little bit too boring for you? Then why not play a board game instead? It's always fun to push each others' buttons and let their competitive sides come out with a great game! A chess tournament maybe? Or perhaps checkers? Backgammon is also good, though your kids might find it too difficult to understand. Then, of course, there are cards! From poker to Old Maid, there are so many games you can play with just a deck! Just make sure that there are no sore losers (nor sor winners!) so that everyone is still happy throughout the day!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Get Your Shopping Done

Okay, since it's already Christmas day, should you have already done your Christmas shopping? Ideally yes, right? Though you can't help that there are times in which you weren't able to. Especially with the global pandemic still at large, shopping outside isn't the best idea right now. There's still shopping online though! And if you forgot to buy a present for a few people, a lot of Parisian online shops remain open even during and after Christmas. Who knows? You might get lucky and shop at an online store during a sale (many of which happen after Christmas day!). Just stick an apology note to make up for its late arrival!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Create Your New Traditions

Finally, as 2020 changed the way people live their lives, why not take this opportunity to change the way you do Christmas? Sure, doing all your holiday traditions are all well and good, but as the world gets used to a new normal, you'll need to make new traditions for yourselves. Ones that wouldn't involve going out of the house. Apart from the other activities mentioned on this list, perhaps you can make arts & crafts? Or stream movies that you'd often not watch during the holidays? Make up a new game? Anything new that's exciting and, most importantly, can be done at home, will do!
Different Ways to Spend Christmas At Home in Paris

Thanks to the wild year that was 2020, you'll have to find new ways to spend Christmas at home. Even when you're living in Paris! But don't you fret! There are still many fun and exciting ways you can celebrate the holidays without leaving your place!

Spending Christmas at home is always better if it's a luxury home! There's no denying that!





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