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The Mobile Companies That Matter in Austria

September 22, 2021
Even in a country like Austria, where its capital city looks like it never left the 1700s, technology is thriving! There are cars everywhere, you'll see people working with laptops in the cafes, and you can use your smartphone here too. But for the latter, you'll want to buy a local SIM card. How else will you be able to can and text people here? And you can't just rely on the many wifi spots to be able to use the apps on your phone. For easy usage and access to your phone, consider joining these local trustworthy mobile networks!

The Mobile Companies That Matter in Austria



To this day, A1 is still the biggest mobile network in Austria. It started out as a state-owned company, so from the get-go, it was already extremely popular and widely accessible. But th real reason why it's still one of the best networks around is its strong vast coverage. Wherever you are in Austria, be it in a Vienna neighborhood or a remote town in Burgenland, trust that you'll still get signal and data to use your phone however you please. Its only drawback? Because of its immense popularity, it's challenging to communicate with customer service when you have a problem. 


Magenta Telekom

Formerly known as T-Mobile, Magenta Telekom is another Austrian mobile network worth investing in. It also offers great coverage with quality service that's so strong, you can still log-in even when you're in public transport underground. Or when you're exploring the more rural areas of the country. But perhaps the main reason why so many locals and tourists opt for Magenta Telekom is its affordable prices. Just how cheap are its packages? Well, for one thing. a mere €19.00 will already get you a great deal that comes with 19GB of wifi data. How's that for a bargain? 


The Mobile Companies That Matter in Austria



Though it's initially an Australian-based network, SimCorner actually operates well in Austria. And it's the top provider of prepaid SIM cards in the country as well. At times, as much as getting post-paid packages is great, buying a prepaid card allows you to stay on top of your finances. Though you have to pay more to get coverage and wifi data, at least you're aware as to what you're paying. And with this network's affordable prices, rest assured your investment is wise! In fact, it's most popular among tourists who travel to Austria, both because of the price and the coverage! 



Three is one of the biggest mobile networks, not just in Austria, but in the rest of Europe as well. And the latter is precisely why it's extremely popular. Because it gives coverage in most of Europe, you can still use the SIM card for when you travel to Austria's neighboring countries. Think of it as like a SIM card version of your Schengen Visa! Since you still get signal and data throughout the entire continent, you'll still be able to contact your friends back home in Austria. It's a very useful option to have, especially if your work has you traveling frequently. 



Though it's one of the newer players in the game, Yess has certainly proven its worth as a go-to mobile network in Austria for the past couple of years. While many might complain about the complicated "unlocking" process in order to use their SIM cards, one that's over and done with, the coverage you'll get is truly top-notch. Strong and wide enough to compete against the likes of A1 and Magenta Telekom. Pair that with the affordable prices and you've got gold! A good deal is a €14.99 package that will not just give you awesome coverage, but over 60GB of wifi data as well! Not bad, right? 


The Mobile Companies That Matter in Austria


It'd be a waste not to join any of Austria's great trustworthy mobile networks. You can get a great deal for a local SIM card at an affordable price and with a lot of coverage and wifi data to keep you glued to your phone for a long time.

Without a local SIM card, how else will you be able to handle many transactions in Austria? Not the least of which is renting a luxury home!



Vienna, Austria

Studio1 bathroom1
Vienna, Austria

1 bedroom1 bathroom2
Vienna, Austria

2 bedrooms1 bathroom4
Vienna, Austria
117 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-4

Oberwaltersdorf, Austria
130 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom4-4
Vienna, Austria
142 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8-4