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The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Austria

September 16, 2021
From the looks of it, Austria may seem like this old-fashioned country that's stuck in the past but it's far from it. This country is actually extremely modern, backed with booming industries, a more liberated society, and all the contemporary conveniences other places have. Not the least of which are the helpful apps. Thanks to these online programs, a lot of day-to-day errands and activities are now more easily done and faster. Some of the best are transportation apps, allowing you to travel with ease and less stress. Here's a handful that you should download and use while in Austria.

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Austria



Uber is undoubtedly one of the most popular transportation apps in the world. Practically every country uses it or has used it in the past. But when it comes to this app in Austria, there's good news and bad news. The good news is it's just as useful here as it is in other countries. When you're in need of a ride, just open the app, pick your destination, choose what type of service you want, and wait for your ride. It's as simple as that! But the bad news? As of now, it only operates in the capital city of Vienna. 



Uber is all well and good but at times, there's no beating taking a taxi. At the very least, those who drive them know the cities they work in whole-heartedly. From various shortcuts to the hours in which many roads would see traffic, don't underestimate taxi drivers! And if you're in need of one and you can't seem to hail one off the street, get FREE NOW. Formerly known as MyTaxi, this reinvigorated app is the premier taxi-hailing program, not just in Austria, but in the rest of Europe as well. Trustworthy and ever so useful, you should download it on your phone just in case! 


The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Austria



Luxury cars are all well and good, but sometimes, there's no beating a limousine. With style and class, it's the perfect vehicle to ride when you're going to a formal event. Or if you simply want to show off that you can afford one. But if you don't yet you still want to ride one, there's still Talixo. With this app, you can rent a limousine anytime in Austria, whether it's for an elegant night out with your significant other or even a birthday bash with your friends. And if you just want a simple taxi, you can hail one with his app as well. 



In Austria, Weiner Linien is one of the biggest public transport companies. When it comes to public transport, they provide everything. From the buses on the streets to the metro underground, they've given it all. So if you want to make use of any one of them but you don't know the schedule, how much the tickets are, or which route to use, go on their app to find out. Every little info you need about all the modes of public transportation Weiner Linien provides is shown on their online platform. You're just a few taps away. 


iAustria Travel Guide

In standard transportation apps, you either use one to hail a ride or to get some info on public transport. But there's one in Austria that's slightly different: the Austria Travel Guide app. More than just the important details of public transportation, this program will also tell you what the weather is like in the Austrian destination you're in or planning to go to, which roads to take to get there, and more. What they share here goes beyond what you ride to get your where you need to be, but rather what the place is actually like when you're here. 


The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Austria


Traveling around in Austria can get tricky if you don't have the necessary apps to help you. These online programs will ensure that you don't have to stress yourself out when exploring this beautiful country. 

Fortunately, these same apps will easily find and pinpoint any luxury home in Austria. So there's no harm in choosing one for your accommodation.



Vienna, Austria

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Vienna, Austria

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Vienna, Austria

2 bedrooms1 bathroom4
Vienna, Austria
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-4

Oberwaltersdorf, Austria
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Vienna, Austria
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