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Top Five Trustworthy Mobile Networks in Israel

September 15, 2021
When you plan to move to another country, there's one item that you can't get unless you're already there: a local SIM card. Now, you might be thinking, ' Why would I need a local SIM card? There are multiple apps available that don't require it when falling or texting my contacts.' Be that as it may, it will still benefit you a whole lot if you get one. Especially in a country like Israel. The mobile networks here are truly top-notch and it'd be a shame if you miss out on their great SIM deals and packages.

Top Five Trustworthy Mobile Networks in Israel



Cellcom is, without a doubt, the largest mobile network in Israel. It's also one of the oldest which is probably why its popularity is almost second to none. But beyond its longevity, its vast scope of coverage is definitely one of its strongest points. Whether you're on a mountain near Jerusalem or in a Tel Aviv neighborhood, you can still get some signal with a Cellcom SIM card. As for their deals? You can get loads of great packages offering up to a whopping 200GB of wifi data and unlimited calls & texts! And the most expensive is just 160.00₪! What's not to love? 


Golan Telecom

If it's affordability you're after, look no further than Golan Telecom! Very rarely will you need to go for a SIM card package that just goes up to 100.00₪. And on the off-chance that you do, the best you can get is a 169.00₪ long-term deal that already has 75GB wifi data, 2,000 minutes for calls, and up to 1,000 free texts! That's already quite a package in of itself! But for the more normal cards, the most expensive is just 75.00₪ a month. And it comes with the same benefits as the most expensive deal. Whichever you choose you still get the good end of it! 


Top Five Trustworthy Mobile Networks in Israel


Hot Mobile

Operating on a 4G LTE system, rest assured the wifi data you'll receive from Hot Mobile is as strong as ever. Even when you go on public transport, you'll still be able to surf the net, stream movies, watch videos, play games, and the like. In fact, even when you lose the 4G LTE signal, there's still a 2G system you can fall back on, no matter what deal you chose. At the same time. Hot Mobiel si definitely the Israeli network to go for if you're talkative on the phone. They offer up to 3,000 minutes of free calls with their priciest deals. 



Formerly known as Orange, Partner's operations have technically been on-going for many years now. It's why, despite being a relatively new company, it's one of the most popular in Israel. One of their most popular options is the pay-as-you-go system they offer, in which you get to decide how often you pay while you use your SIM card. But when it comes to their deals, a 149.00₪ deal that comes with unlimited wifi data is a must for those who are glued to their phones using online apps and the internet. No matter where you are, you can remain online 



Anywhere in the world, there are those mobile networks that are affiliated with a few app companies. And while this may seem sketchy at first, it's not that bad when you benefit from such relationships. Take Pelephone, a popular Israeli telecommunications company, for instance. Since they have agreements with the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Waze, and more, you can get amazing deals from this network that gives you unlimited data for using said apps. You can still stay connected online through them. And it helps that these are some of the best messaging and transportation apps available in the country! 


Top Five Trustworthy Mobile Networks in Israel


You don't have to forego buying a local SIM card in Israel because the mobile networks that operate here are great, efficient, and will give your everything you need to use your phone effectively while you're here!

You also get to save with a local SIM card in Israel, which means you can invest all that extra cash to getting a luxurious home instead!