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Transportation Apps To Have in Israel

September 10, 2021
It's weird that many people still think of Israel as this ancient country that still belongs to the biblical times. It's not! It's a completely contemporary country that has everything you'd find in other nations, including the latest and best apps. Like many people around the world, people in Israel are just as dependent on smartphone apps. They make everything easier, not the least of which is transportation. Thanks to a good many digital platforms, traveling from one place to another no matter where you are in Israel has become easier, more manageable, and less stressful. Here are a few of those nifty apps.

Transportation Apps To Have in Israel



Let's face it, there's practically no list of top-notch transportation app that doesn't have Uber. Save for those in Southeast Asia where Uber no longer operates, most countries have this iconic ride-hailing platform. Including Israel. Though here, you can only book a taxi using the app, online in other places wherein getting a luxury car is a more popular option. Still, even with this limitation, Uber flourishes in Israel, with many people using it to get a ride with a reliable driver who provides excellent service. No matter where you are, you can simply open this app and you'll get a cab in no time. 



Gett is arguably Uber's biggest competitor in Israel. Also making use of taxis in most cities in the country, you'll only get the best of the best with this app. Not to mention it's just easy and effective to use. One of its main draws is that it operates solely on cashless transactions, encouraging you to make use of your credit card for payment. Beyond that, Gett also has its own social networking feature in which, among many others, you can accumulate points after every ride to get rewards and benefits. They include getting discounts on your trips, especially on holidays.


Transportation Apps To Have in Israel



Since cycling has become a popular public transport option in many Israeli cities, most prominently Tel Aviv, rental service Tel-O-Fun has garnered quite the popularity. And its own app makes renting a bike that much easier. Through this convenient online program, you no longer need to use your Rav Kav pass to pay for using one of the company's bikes. You can simply connect your cedit or debit card to your account in the app and it will automatically charge it for every use. This way, you can bike around any Israeli city without any hassle. 



You have to note that transportation apps don't always mean ride-hailing apps. There are those that help you travel even when you have your own car. A good example is Cellopark. In whatever Israeli neighborhood you're in, no matter what city it is, one of the most stressful things about driving around in your own car is looking for a parking spot. Not with Cellopark! This app will help you find a good spot and even pay for it so that you don't have to find change or even be at risk of getting a ticket. Now that's pretty nifty! 


Transportation Apps To Have in Israel



What's another transportation app that will really help you when you drive your own car in Israel? The famous online navigation program, Waze. Apps like Google Maps and the like can only help you as much when it comes to directions on the road, but Waze takes it up a notch. Not only will it tell you where you need to go, turn, and more, but it will give exact distance as well. Not to mention it will also notify you of any traffic jams or road accidents that may be ion your route, allowing you to find alternative directions and shortcuts to get you to where you need to be on time. 



Another non-ride-hailing app you ought to download when you're in Israel is Moovit. an internationally-known online platform, it's become a go-to app for commuters who need to get info as soon as possible. Type in your current location and your destination and it will tell you which modes of transportation can get you there faster, which routes of the buses you should board if you choose to ride one, and even exact walking instructions. Saying that this ap will guide you to where you need to be is an understatement. It will tell you everything you need to know about traveling to your destination. 


Transportation Apps To Have in Israel


Don't underestimate Israel and how it can make your stay here that much easier and hassle-free. In this country, you can make use of a handful of apps to help traveling around as seamless and as simple as possible! 

Apart from using these apps, you should also focus on getting a luxurious Israeli home during your stay in the country!