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Some of The Best Hospitals in Tel Aviv

September 14, 2021
What do people from around the world go to Israel for? Pilgrimages to the Holy Land? Sure! The warm Middle Eastern weather? Of course! Or exotic cuisine? Yep! These are all common reasons why people travel to and even move to Israel. But there are those who go to Tel Aviv, in particular, for one unique reason—to get treated. You see, the former Israeli capital is home to a lot of fine hospitals, many of which are renowned nationwide and recognized internationally. They have some facilities, treatments, medicine, and more that people from all around the world go for.

Some of The Best Hospitals in Tel Aviv


Assuta Hospital

Regarded as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world, people go to Tel Aviv's Assuta Hospital just to get treated for the life-threatening sickness. They're incredibly efficient in discovering tumors here, what with their 90% success rate of discovering them in their early stages, and getting rid of them successfully. The institution also takes pride in ther 87% survival rate for breast cancer patients, a feat undefeated in the country. Moreover, Assuta Hospital also does well with neurology, oncology, cardiology, and more. With hospitals such as this, it's no wonder Israel is a top medical tourist destination


Sourasky Medical Center

Those dealing with sports injuries would benefit from going to the Sourasky Medical Center. this internationally-known hospital in Tel Aviv specializes in helping bodies recover and look as good as new. They know how to treat all sorts of injuries, no matter what part of the body is affected. And it's all thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and more than capable medical staff. They know how to deal with the human body in more ways than one. In fact, aesthetic surgery is another medical field this hospital specializes in. More often than not, it goes hand-in-hand with treating sports injuries too. 


Some of The Best Hospitals in Tel Aviv


Reut Medical Center

More of a rehabilitation center than your standard hospital, the Reut Medical center has given patients the safe page they need in order to recover from all sorts of ailments, illnesses, and other health problems. In fact, apart from residents of the country, patients from all over the world go to this hospital to recuperate and rest their bodies. Many go through the trouble of applying for an Israeli visa just so they can stay here, which is a true testament to how well they treat and take care of patients here. As for its specialties, the Reut Medical Center focuses more on cardiology and neurology. 


Lis Maternity Hospital

Pregnant women in Tel Aviv, fear not! The Lis Maternity and Women's hospital is there to ensure that your delivery will go smoothly. In fact, this particular institution works to keep your whole nine months of pregnancy as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Its care units and facilities are all sanitized to perfection, spotless enough for a safe environment for expecting mothers and their newborns. Not to mention the efficient equipment used to deliver a new human being into this world. All of this and with the expertise of the medical staff make this hospital a stand-out among many in the city. 


Sheba Medical Hospital

The famous Sheba Medical Center isn't exactly located in any Tel Aviv district. In fact, it's actually in Ramatgan, approximately 7km away from tel Aviv, But it's relatively short distance isn't the only reason why this institution is worthy to be included on this list. It's also the fact that the Sheba Medical Center is ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the world. It's internationally-recognized as the American center to go to for whatever sickness you have. You're guaranteed to not only recover under their care, but your mind and body will fully recuperate and be as good as new before you know it! 


Some of The Best Hospitals in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv has its fair share of fine hospitals and medical centers to ensure that anyone and everyone living and staying in the city will be well-taken-care-of! As far as medical facilities are concerned, you have nothing to worry about here!

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