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Public Transport in Athens: What You Need to Know

August 17, 2021
Athens is actually an easy city to live in. Yeah, most people from outside of Greece only go here to see the sites, bathe under the sun, and splash in the Mediterranean sea. And while that's all well and good, you can also move here and it won't be any different. You can still maintain a slightly carefree and relaxed lifestyle even while bustling in this past-meets-present metropolis. A huge reason for that is the city's public transport, made up of efficient systems to make traveling around the city easy and hassle-free. Here's what to expect here.

Public Transport in Athens: What You Need to Know


How Much are Tickets and Travel Passes in Athens?

You probably want to know how much taking public transport in Athens is first, don't you? That's normal. It's better that you know now how much you'll be spending to commute here. Normally, a ticket in any of the public transport systems in Athens costs €1.40. For students and senior citizens, it goes down to €0.60, though proof of such (school ID or senior citizen card) is required.  For unlimited access, you can always go for any of the city's convenient travel passes, lasting for either a day or five days tops. The former only costs €4.50 while the latter costs €9.00. 


Getting a Taxi in Athens

Taxis remain the most popular and the most used public transport system, both in Athens and in Greece in general. Despite generally having to pay more than riding the bus or train, locals here prefer to ride a taxi for faster transportation. Though this isn't to say that the other systems aren't fast. It's just that using a taxi won't get you facing hordes of crowds. And now, with the arrival of transportation apps, it's become easier to hail a cab for yourself, even when it's peak hours on the road. 


Public Transport in Athens: What You Need to Know


The Athens Metro

While most Athens locals prefer riding taxis, the city's metro system is actually regarded as the fastest way to get around here. Consisting of three separate lines, it even connects to some of the other public transport systems in the city. And in terms of efficiency, during peak hours in the city, you can expect that trains will come and go to your stations every five minutes. As for the schedule, the system runs from 5:00 am to midnight of the next day, while lines 2 and 3 extend their operations to 2:00 am on Friday's and Saturdays. 


Suburban Railway

You're probably expecting that the best way to travel to any place in the city from the Athens International Airport is through a taxi, right? Well, not really. While taxis still park outside the airport to get riders, the airport is actually connected to Athens' Suburban Railway. It's the city's overground train system which is also connected to the more commonly used metro system. Considering the cheap fare, this is the more economical option to exit the airport than taking the taxi. It's also the system that travels more to most of Athens' neighborhoods, with stations in practically every district in the city. 


Public Transport in Athens: What You Need to Know


Buses & Trolleybuses in Athens

Of course, Athens' buses are also a great way to get around the city. Though here, there aren't just buses; there are trolleybuses too. Both types of vehicles operate as one system, with various stops and routes intersecting each other as well as connected to the other modes of public transportation in the city. Most of the time, both buses and trolleybuses operate from 5:00 am to midnight the next day, but some routes end earlier and a few end a little bit later. Furthermore, there are some express buses that operate solely to taking people from the airport to other parts of the city. 


Riding a Tram in Athens

Finally, there are trams in Athens. Yes, similarly to what you'll see in other cities, mostly in the US, Athens also has a tram system to help diversify people's options for public transportation. Specifically, the trams are the ones that travel from the central Athens areas to the more suburban districts of the city. So more often than not, you can expect people using these systems to go to and from work during the weekdays. And similarly to the other public transport systems, the trams operate from 5:00 am to midnight of the next day. 


Public Transport in Athens: What You Need to Know


More than just a summer getaway destination, Athens is a great metropolis that's easy to live in, mostly because it's public transport systems are very efficient, affordable, and accessible for everybody in the city. 

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