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Athens' Best International Schools to Go For

August 18, 2021
School is probably the last thing in your mind when you go to Athens, isn't it? It's practically the antithesis to the Greek city, which is regarded all over the world as one of the best destinations for a summer getaway. Athens is more for sunbathing on a sandy beach, splashing away in the Mediterranean sea, and eating the hearty cuisine of the Greeks. However, that doesn't mean that Athens doesn't have its own fine institutions for learning. In fact, the city boasts a collection of prestigious international schools. They'll work best for your kids if you ever move here!

Athens' Best International Schools to Go For


Athens College

Despite its name, Athens College is actually a primary school that admits students from as young as six years old. Founded in 1925, it's also one of the oldest institutions in the city. And after all these years, the school has continued is the tradition of helping develop the intellectual and creative skills of its students. Yet despite being an international school, it also has a heavy focus on Greek history, philosophy, and even a bit of its language. They all help foster a strong sense of national identity while allowing the young ones to realize their own potential. 


Byron College

It can't be denied that British Education is one of the most esteemed out there. Great Britain is, after all, home to some of the top universities in the world. So it's only natural that parents in Greece—in Athens, in particular—give their kids the chance to get a hold of it. Thus, Byron College was founded in 1986, operating exclusively on the international British curriculum. More or less, the school heavily focuses on th student's academic abilities, helping them forge a path that can get them to the best colleges and universities in the world. 


Athens' Best International Schools to Go For


Campion School

Admitting over fifty nationalities, Campion School has become one of the most prominent international institutions in Athens. Yet you right not even realize it right away. Yes, it's a private international school, a go-to institution for many of the city's elite. However, there's a somewhat informal rapport between the teachers and the students that help foster an open and fun environment in the school. Most people are friendly here, but it doesn't get too comfortable that it becomes inappropriate. Here, it's most important that the students are comfortable and know that their teachers have their back. 


International School of Piraeus 

The International School of Piraeus boasts a holistic approach to education. Yes, they still focus heavily on the academics, but here, they're not the be-all and end-all of a student's academic life. They also offer a great arts program, helping the kids unleash their creative side and discover their true talents underneath. For the sporty young ones, the school's athletics department is also top-notch, training them to be at their utmost best in every game, match, and competition they enter. All in all, this school assists its students in realizing their true potential and pushed them to succeed in whatever they want to pursue. 


Athens' Best International Schools to Go For


St. Catherine's British School

Another prominent British institution, St. Catherine's British School is another international school that has earned a lot of esteem. Why? Because, above all things, this school focuses on achievement. You can say that it's rather cutthroat here, but at times, such environments are necessary. How else can your kids excel if they're not pushed to do their best? Teaching according to the international British curriculum, you can expect that they'll produce some of the finest graduates in the city. It won't even surprise anyone if most of the students here go on to get their higher education in the world's top universities. 


St. Lawrence College

Set in southern Athens, it's safe to say that St. Lawrence College has one of the most beautiful campuses in the Greek city. Acers of luscious greeneries in the Mediterranean countryside awaits the lucky students and scholars who get to learn and grow here. And since it's in a peaceful part of Athens, you can expect that the students will have a serene and quiet environment to really help them focus on their studies. They'll need it too because the school teaches the British curriculum, often regarded as the finest and the most challenging education in the world.  


The American College of Greece

Don't think that the British have full control over Athens in terms of international education. The American College of Greece is one of the finest schools in Athens, setting th standard for western education in this European city. Offering an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, you can expect that the American curriculum here doesn't pale in comparison to shoe in the British schools in Athens. Not to mention the fact that the institution also has a very complete campus, with well-equipped classrooms, a large and diverse library, and even a massive gym for big games and popular tournaments. 


Athens' Best International Schools to Go For


Athens isn't just a popular summer getaway destination for the rich and famous. It's also home to a number of fine international schools, many of which offer high-quality education to help the students achieve their goals. 

If you're enrolling your children in any of these fine institutions, you should also go for a luxurious Athens home here in the city. It's only natural!



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