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The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam

August 09, 2020
Dutch is such an underrated language. It has a certain poetic melody to it that can be just as romantic as French, as sensual as Italian, and even as erotic as Spanish. It's unfortunate that not a lot of people apart from the Dutch themselves know how to speak the language. Or are even interested in learning it. No matter, it's still a language worth preserving and speaking especially when you're in its motherland, the Netherlands. And fortunately, the country's capital, Amsterdam, is a great place to learn it too. just check out these amazing Dutch-language schools.

The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam


British Language Training Centre

Don't be fooled by its name, the British Language Training Centre is as Dutch as it can be. Offering a total of six-level courses,  native speakers will teach you everything they know about the language. From its ancient beginnings and tumultuous history to how to speak it correctly in any situation. By the end of all six courses, you'd end up fluent in Dutch. And not just that, you'll be so well-versed with the language, it's as if it was your first language altogether. Most especially if you go for the school's individual courses where teachers will instruct you first-hand and on your own. 


Dutch & Such

Do you know how trustworthy Dutch & Such is as a language school? Some companies actually hire them to teach their foreign staff to speak Dutch. Yep, full-blown corporations have entrusted the teaching of the language to this school. After all, they have been effective in turning non-speakers of Dutch to actual fluent speakers. In private classes of small groups of students, the native-speaking professors can give you everything that you need in order to properly learn and eventually speak Dutch fluently. All you need to do is to listen well, study hard, and learn to speak up! 


The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam



Flowently is so confident that they'll turn just about anyone into well-versed Dutch speakers that they chose such a name. And in fact, their name itself is their ultimate end-goal with all of their students. Although they do offer mini-courses for those who just want to learn the basics of Dutch, Flowently is the school to go to if you want to end up being fluent in the language. They approach it intensively and interactively, leading the students to apply what they've learned through various activities, lessons, games, and more. They even also offer online courses for those who may not have time to go to their campus. 


Language Corner

Here at the Language Corner, there's only one way to learn the languages offered here: with some fun! With a selection of English, Dutch, and Spanish courses, this school aims to make learning a new language a fun experience. One that won't stress the students out, but rather helps them ease into fluency with all sorts of fun activities, trips, and a few games to boot. And the same approach applies whether you go for their group courses or private individual lessons. At the very core of what they do, they instill a bit of fun to make every lesson more memorable and easier to apply on your own in real life. 


The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam



Are you a foreign national who just got to Amsterdam on a new job? Yet even though you landed such a position and got to move to the Dutch capital, you don’t know a single word of the language here? Don't you fret! Koentact is just the school for you! This is a valuable institution set up to help people just like you. Its primary goal is to make expats fluent in Dutch to improve the workforce in the capital city. And don't worry about being late on enrolling. The school holds an open day every five weeks so you have a lot of chances to get in! 



Taalthuis may seem like a school aimed at children but in fact, it's for everybody at any age who wants to learn how to speak Dutch. And here, they do all the works—teach you how to speak, read, and write Dutch to make your stay here a lot easier. Whether you go for learning in small groups or all by yourself through individual courses, the approach remains the same. Taalthuis is all about making the most of learning Dutch in fun and exciting ways. Games, interactive activities, and even a few field trips throughout the capital. These are some to expect from this school! 


The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam



"Speak Dutch within a week!" advertises the Talencoach. And before you think this is simply an exaggeration, think again! With complete devotion, the instructors at Talencoach will make it their mission to make you, at the very least, better understand and speak the language within seven days. You won't exactly become fluent in that short a time span (although if you completely devote yourself to your lessons, you never know the possibilities!), but you will be speaking Dutch in complete sentences. And that's just the start. If you choose to continue, there's no doubt that you'll be fluent in no time with this school's help! 


UvA Talen

With Uva Talen being the independent academic language center of the University of Amsterdam, you're guaranteed to learn Dutch the proper way. By that, this means you'll not only be taught to speak the language, you'll also be taught how to read it, write it, and learn its history. This is, after all, an important program from one of the most respected and most prestigious educational institutions of the Netherlands. Don't expect anything less from here! In turn, the school will also expect the best from you, meaning complete dedication to your studies and hopefully, fluency in a matter of a few courses. 


The Most Notable Dutch-Language Schools in Amsterdam


Where else should you learn Dutch than at the capital of the language's home country, Amsterdam? The city is home to a good many schools that not only value the language but have found innovative ways to teach it to people who are interested in speaking it.

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