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What to Know About The Job Market in The Netherlands

August 06, 2020
The Netherlands is an underrated country for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is its job market. Sure, it's more known that success will bring you to the likes of Paris, Rome, London, and the like. But the Dutch capital is just as bustling a city as the rest of them. And because not a lot of people pay attention to it, this fact often gets lost. But the truth of the matter is that the Netherlands has a strong economy, a strong job market, and just about any person would be lucky to get to work here.

What to Know About The Job Market in The Netherlands


The Unemployment Rate in The Netherlands

One way to gauge just how stable a country's job market is is to look at its unemployment rate. As of this writing, the Netherlands' unemployment rate is at 4.3%, the highest it's been in recent months. However, this isn't to say that things are bad. All things considered, a 4.3% unemployment rate is still very commendable and a lot lower than in other countries. And the cause for this upright surge is probably the lockdown brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many other European countries. Still, on its own, a 4.3% unemployment rate is pretty good. 


Multinational Companies in The Netherlands

It's also important that you know that the Netherlands welcomed various multinational companies to set up shop in the country. It's one of their many ways to stay connected with different nations. And oftentimes, for the expats here, these are the types of companies that are best to go for. Most especially since the work culture in these businesses are more internationally-adjacent, making it easier for people of various nationalities to get along. These companies include the Royal Dutch Shell Group, Philips, Heineken, the ING Group, and Unilever. Ultimately, it's easy to progress one's career in these corporations as well. 


What to Know About The Job Market in The Netherlands


Do You Need to Speak Dutch?

In terms of the job market as a whole in the Netherlands, you don't exactly need to speak the language. There are more than enough companies within the big cities that employ foreign nationals and speak English within their operations. However, it can't be denied that having the ability to speak fluent Dutch is a huge advantage in the game. The number of companies that can hire you is a lot bigger and you virtually have no limitations to which businesses you can properly apply to. Fortunately, many cities in the Netherlands, like Amsterdam, are homes to some great Dutch-language schools. 


The Netherlands' Work Culture

The Work Culture in the Netherlands doesn't really differ that much in other countries. It follows a 36-40 hours a week requirement, making each weekday a 9 am to 5 pm workday. Subordinates are expected to do the job well and to finish on time, very rarely will you see a starting position require overtime work. It's mostly those at the top managerial positions that do work overtime. All employees are also given a number of paid vacations and sick leaves and they vary from company to company. And once an employee has logged off, he/she is encouraged not to work again until the next morning.  


What to Know About The Job Market in The Netherlands


Popular Jobs in Dutch Cities

What's so unique about the job market in the Netherlands is that each city practically has its own specialty. For digital creatives looking to make waves both in the local and international scenes, Amsterdam remains to be the top city for it.  The Dutch capital is home to both big businesses and startups that take on the media and marketing fields. Utrecht, on the other hand, probably has the biggest number of professional health workers residing there. The healthcare industry is flourishing in this Dutch city, so if you're a nurse of a doctor, you'll definitely find work here. 


Other In-Demand Jobs in The Netherlands

In Eindhoven, on the other hand, technology is the name of the employment game here. This is where the likes of mechanical engineers, IT analysts, and even a few graphic designers get their start. If you're one to fiddle with technology professionally, this is the Dutch city to call home! As for Rotterdam, it's administrative work. From schools to government agencies and everything in-between, get ready to face a lot of paperwork if you choose to work here. And while Rotterdam does have the highest unemployment rate in all of the Netherlands, that doesn't mean this isn't a good place to find work! 


What to Know About The Job Market in The Netherlands


Don't take the Netherlands for granted! The job market here is actually very stable, more so than in other countries you're probably eyeing more of working in! When you see just how well the state of the job market of this country is, you just might want to move here yourself. 

When you do find work here, the first thing you should invest in is a luxurious Netherlands apartment. This is the type of place that will suit you best for your stay here!