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Important Info on Miami's Crime Rate

July 23, 2021
Is Miami actually a safe city? You'd think so, right? The city is where a lot of senior citizens spend their golden years. It's where many college students flock to for spring break. And it's where a lot of families go-to for summer to have some beach fun. With so many people visiting Miami, it's easy to think that it's one of the safest places in the country. But the city is not without its fair share of crimes. Like any other major American city, Miami sees a good many criminal acts—some dangerous some not!—from time to time.

Important Info on Miami's Crime Rate


How Safe is Miami?

So, how safe is it really to visit and stay in Miami? If you look at the city's crime rate, it's fairly safe. At the very least, safer than other cities of its kind on both coasts. For every 1,000 residents, the total crime rate in Miami is at 42.33%. Not the lowest in the country by far, but still low enough to guarantee the safety of the general public. More so since within that 42.33%, only 6.37% are related to violent crimes. The remaining 35.96% is related to property crimes which are still bad but won't put any life in danger. 


Most Commonly Committed Crimes in Miami

As far as commonly committed crimes here in Miami are concerned, they're mostly non-violent. The crime with the highest rate in this city is burglary and breaking & entering, which is at 63.93%. The second-highest is drug-dealing with 63.53%. And the third-highest is corruption and bribery at 61.88%. The last one is tricky though. It may not be a physically violent crime but if the city's police department is involved in such, it has dire consequences for the safety of the city as a whole. Unfortunately, in this day and age, corruption within the police far too common. 


Important Info on Miami's Crime Rate


Violent Crime Rate

But what of the violent crimes in Miami? Through the years, particularly in pop culture, the city has garnered a reputation for being violent. But in reality, as already mentioned, the rate of violent crimes per 1,000 residents is only at 6.37%. In fact, only 1 in 157 people will fall victim to violent crimes in Miami. Those are pretty good odds. But to be more specific, the crime rates of particularly violent crimes in Miami are all small. The lowest is, fortunately, murder with only 0.05% per 1,000 residents. The highest? Assault, which is at 2.47%. 


Property Crime Rate

What about property crimes? Now, the rate of different property crimes re higher than those of violent crimes, but not so high that it should cause panic in the city. Statistics show that only 1 out of 28 people will fall victim to such crimes. Not necessarily good odds but still commendable nonetheless. To better break it down, the crime rate for every 1,000 residents for burglary is at 4.42%, motor vehicle at 3.50%, and the highest is theft at 28.05%. As long as you lock your doors at night, safeguard your belongings when you're out, and keep your motorcycle in a locked garage, you practically have nothing to worry about! 


Important Info on Miami's Crime Rate


How Safe Is It to Walk in Miami?

A lot of people are probably wondering now is on how safe it actually is to walk around Miami, right? Especially with the various crime rates, both on the violent types and the property kinds. Well, according to Numbeo, it's 66.41% safe to take a stroll around the city during the day. It's possibly higher when you do so in crowded areas. Meanwhile, at night, it's better to stay indoors as it's only 41.87% safe to walk outside. Not necessarily bad, per se, but it's better to be safe than sorry. 


Safest Areas of Miami

And speaking of being safe than sorry, what areas of the city should you probably stay in? The safest area in Miami is on Krome Avenue in Dade County. One of the lesser urban of Miami's many areas, it makes sense that this peaceful road is safe as far as crime is concerned. Vehicular accidents, on the other hand, is an entirely different story altogether. Still, this doesn't mean that you should go to the livelier areas of the city. More often than not, they're the exciting parts of Miami. However, it's better to stay there when during the day. And when you do, remember to stay aware of your surroundings! 


Important Info on Miami's Crime Rate


Don't let your Miami trip get ruined by rumors and stereotypes that the Floridian city is a dangerous place. Its crime rates convert a different story. Either way, you can control your own safety in Miami by always staying vigilant and keeping indoors at night. 

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