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Top Five Miami Schools To Enroll Your Kids In

July 21, 2021
There's no doubt that, at least on the East Coast, Miami is the capital of partying. Why do you think many students go here for spring break? For many outsiders, Miami is all about drinking until you're passed out, beach parties that go hard all day long, and celebrating good times with friends. For the most part, this is true, however, the city is also serious about many things as well. Not the least of which re the education of its young ones. Miami schools are just as top-notch and high standard as those in other cities and these five stand proof of that!

Top Five Miami Schools To Enroll Your Kids In


Metropolitan International School of Miami

As far as quality education is concerned, the Metropolitan International School of Miami set the standard in this city. Recognized around the world as the go-to educational institution for foreign nationals, it certainly lives up to its name. The students here aren't just taught within the national level. More often than not, their education goes within the international standard as well. And to say that the kids are well-taken-care-of here is quite an understatement. They're provided first-class facilities, safe spaces for classrooms, and organic food in the cafeteria to ensure they remain fit and healthy. 


Henry S. West Laboratory School

Out of the 962 public middle schools in Florida, the Henry S. West Laboratory School is considered the 19th best of them all. And as far as faculty is concerned, the school ranks sixth among schools with the best teachers. While such rankings can be viewed as subjective, they do prove how much of a prestigious institution the Henry S. West Laboratory School is for young students. The school holds them to high standards, pushing them to reach their full potential and allowing them to find their own interests and excel in them. You can't say that about any school.


Top Five Miami Schools To Enroll Your Kids In


iPrep Academy

How do you know iPrep Academy is a quality educational institution? Just look at its students' proficiency percentage in both math and reading. At the very least, around 92% of the student body do well in math while 93% of them are able to read. That's quite the data, especially since many other school districts in other parts of the country don't even reach those percentages. Furthermore, it helps that the student body here is diverse, welcoming students from all walks of life and allowing them to socialize and learn with and from each other. Its student body reflects the colorful Miami city perfectly. 


Design and Architecture Senior High

The great thing about Miami's Design and Architecture Senior High is that it's a high school that starts training creatives at an early age. Don't get it twisted, just because arts and architecture are within creative fields this means that academic excellence doesn't hold much weight. This school proves that in order to excel in these areas. one needs to master other subjects as well. That's why they offer high-quality education to their students. It's part of honing them to be the artists and engineers that they need to be to succeed in such industries. And it helps that the campus is in Miami’s Design district, the most beautiful of Miami's neighborhoods


Coconut Grove Elementary School 

Finally, there's Coconut Grove Elementary School. This is practically the most popular primary school in all of Miami. Why? Because not only do they provide quality education here, they ensure the safety of the young students as well. The school is a safe space for the kids in every sense of the word. students are not only encouraged to stay out of danger here, but also to flourish, seek out what they want to do in life, and reach their full potential even at an early age. Ultimately, Coconut Grove Elementary School helps develop their young minds and hearts to grow stronger. 


Top Five Miami Schools To Enroll Your Kids In


Miami's schools are some of the best for kinds on the East Coast. Some offer international-standards of education while others train them and help them hone their skills and abilities for their chosen profession. See, it's not all parties here in the "Sunshine State!"

As your kids go to any of these amazing schools, it's better to wait for them in your Miami luxury apartment. They're the best accommodations to go for during your stay here!





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