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The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

June 25, 2021
No one can deny that Rome is a very active place. It's so busy that, at times, you'd do better to just stay home or in a hotel than attempt to explore the city without getting into a crowd. Fast-paced doesn't even being to describe the lifestyle here. Think luxurious sportscars zooming about in every avenue. Vespas passing through the beautiful cobblestone streets. And even those who are just walking can do so very fast as well. This is why it's always better if you're fit and healthy when you're staying here. There are even some great gyms to help you do that!

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome



Oh if only keeping fit actually is easy. People would be exercising left and right and everywhere in between. Anyways, at least there are gyms and fitness centers out there to make the process all the more enjoyable. Here in Rome, there's the EasyFitClub. It has all the facilities and amenities you'll need for a nice gym and more. Apart from the usual equipment, they also have a nice warm jacuzzi so you could help your muscles relax after an intense workout! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: EasyFitClub


Ego Yoga

Located near the Vatican, Ego Yoga is a fitness center where you can really get your stretching going. Make no mistake, even though this is more of a yoga studio, the workouts here can get really intense. If you're just a new yogi, this probably isn't the place for you. They do power yoga here, doing all sorts of complicated poses and the most complex positions in the exercise. At the end of every session, you would have worked up quite a sweat! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Ego Yoga Facebook Page


Hard Candy

Although Rome serves up a lot of sweets, this "Hard Candy" isn't the type to add fat to your body. On the contrary, it will do just the opposite. Set just near the iconic Colleseum, this American-style gym is all about giving you the workout you need to feel the burn. Oh, and what a burn you'll feel! This trendy fitness hotspot stacks of weights, cardio machines, and more! Not to mention they play quite the bombastic tunes here too! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Hard Candy Facebook Page



It's easy to think, by its name alone, that Healthcity is probably one of Rome's fine hospitals and such. But it's not! In fact, Healthcity is a well-known chain of gyms in Italy. There's one in Milan and, of course, there's one in the country's capital. Though it's slightly smaller as compared to other gyms on this list, it does the job in giving you ample space and the right equipment so you could exercise better. And in, turn, remain healthy yourself! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Healthcity Facebook Page


Heaven Villa

Ironically, however, it's Heaven Villa that's more of a health center—or rather, health club—than Healthcity. While many parts still operate as a standard gym, the place serves as a less clinical space for recovering patients to improve their conditions. From water aerobics to medical therapy, the setting helps people feel more normal despite their current health problems. But if you're perfectly healthy yourself, this shouldn't stop you from making use of their general facilities to maintain your fitness. 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Heaven Villa


Linea Fitness

At first visit, you may dismiss Linea Fitness as another ordinary gym. Though it's high-quality, you might not get what's so special about it at first. However, if you love martial arts and what to learn more about it or improve your skills at it, this is the gym for you. Somehow, you probably didn't think that Romans weren't the type to embrace martial arts, did you? But alas, the city as chock-full of gyms that focus on that. This one is just one of the best! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Linea Fitness


Monti Fitness

Similarly, Monti Fitness is another gym that's all about martial arts. Set in the beautiful Monti district, one of the must-visit neighborhoods of Rome, this gym is all about the art of movement. There's already martial arts, which is a more intense exercise that's also used for self-defense. And on the more artsy side, they also hold dance classes here. Ballerinas are some of the fittest people in the world, and this place not only teaches you how to move as gracefully as them but also workout like one too. 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Monti Fitness



As that famous song goes, "You've got to move it, move it!" You won't get to your goal weight if you don't. This is probably why this great gym in Rome's downtown area was simply named a such. With their complete sets of equipment, ample workout space, and more, you can really move a lot and therefore, shed a lot of weight as well. They also hold a fascinating tai chi class here, so if you're interested, you'd know where to go! 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Moves Fitness Center Facebook Page


Total Body System

Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, and pilates—these are just some of the classes offered here in Total Body System. Let's face it, with some many great panini places and dessert stops in Rome, after a couple of weeks of just staying here, you'll probably put on more weight than you expected. At least, with this gym, you're guaranteed a space to shed most of them away. Not only are their classes fun, but they're also effective in instilling in you a more active lifestyle. 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Total Body System Facebook Page


Zem Yoga Studio Roma

If you're a yogi through and through, then you've got to try out the Zem Yoga Studio Roma while you're in the Italian capital. Firstly, its prime location near Corso Vittorio Emanuele gives you a fantastic view of one of the city's busiest and most bustling streets. Imagine doing your poses and seeing the Roman way of life just happening right outside the window. Furthermore, the place itself is big enough to invite your friends over for a nice, relaxing session. 

The Best Places For a Good Work Out in Rome

Source: Zem Yoga Studio Roma Facebook Page


It's easy to stay active in such a busy city like Rome. But it's even better if you try out the many great gyms and fitness centers in the Italian capital. Before you know it, you're looking timer and feeling better than when you first came into the city! 


But if you don't always have time to go to these gyms, at least you can still workout at home. Provided that you're staying in one of Rome's many luxurious apartments. Not only are they spacious, but they're also located in some really great areas in the city! 



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