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The Best Gelato Places in Rome

March 29, 2021
Viva Italia! Ask anyone on the street what cuisine they like most and you're guaranteed to hear a lot who'll say Italian! With their scrumptious pizzas, flavorful pastas, and more, Italian cuisine has really taken over the culinary world. Even their desserts are topnotch! Who doesn't want a rich serving of gelato after every meal? These thick ice cream concoctions are rich in every sense of the word! And in Rome, you'll find some of the best if you look hard enough. But to make it easier for you here's a list of those worth checking out!

The Best Gelato Places in Rome



As simple as this place looks, Fantamorgana actually sells some of the most elaborate gelato conditions in all of Rome. More than your standard fruit, nuts, and marshmallow toppings, you just might find some petals or maybe even a twig if they're getting more creative. And while they'll make for a few laughs and buzzworthy Instagram shots, they'll also taste incredible. That's the charm of Fantamorgana. Their self-proclaimed healthy gelato experiments will make you feel as good as their selections taste. For them, it's all about wellness with sweetness. 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria Fatamorgana



Remember the ice cream parlors on the corner of your neighborhood where you'd buy a popsicle or two when you were younger? Where two scoops in one cone was already too much? Well, that's the same sort of quirky and homely ambiance that Fiordiluna is trying to convey. Compared to other places on this list, this hotspot looks like the type of store you'd see back at home. A great place to go to during summer, that’s for sure! But make no mistake, their gelatos here are way different. The flavors here are a lot richer, even if they're the most basic. Suddenly, chocolate is a lot chocolatier, coffee is stronger, and lemon is a lot tangier. 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria Fiordiluna Facebook Page


Gelateria Come il Latte

If you're one to prefer your gelato au natural, Gelateria Come il Latte is the hotspot for you! Here, they only pick the freshest of milk and fruits for flavor their money can buy. And in fact, their gelato is made up of 60% to 80% of milk, with little to no additives in between. It’s the closest to homemade gelato you can get in the Italian capital. Heck, they don't even put food coloring to make their selection look more appetizing. The yellow of their lemon gelato? That's from the freshly-squeezed juice they put in earlier. Oh yeah, they also make their gelato fresh each and every day! How's that for natural? 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria Come il Latte


Gelateria dei Gracchi

There are those who sell gelato so rich and flavorful, a mouthful or two is enough for dessert. The thickness of the texture, the strength of the flavor, and the mild sweetness of the milk. With such a concoction, a cup might be too much already, which is why Gelateria dei Gracchi offers up their own special bonbons. Their gelato dipped in dark chocolate has become quite the favorite here in Rome that people lineup for miles (and hours) just to get a bag or two. And they themselves would say that it's all worth it! 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria Dei Gracchi Facebook Page


Gelateria del Teatro

Situated near the Vatican —arguably the most famous district in all of Rome—it's no wonder the Gelateria del Teatro became quite the hotspot. But this isn't to say their location is the only reason for their growing popularity! This is one of the few gelaterias of its kind that actually handmakes their gelato every morning. The flavorful scoop you're served with are handmade concoctions made with the utmost intricacy and love. Not to mention their organic flavoring, making use of fresh fruit they also just acquired that same morning as well.

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria del Teatro Facebook Page


Gelateria Giolitti

You're likely to go to the Trevi Fountain on your first trip to Rome. Watch out as it's an incredibly crowded tourist spot no matter what time of the day it is. So much so that you'll likely want to eat after seeing the magnificent fountain and throwing a coin in to make a wish. Where do you go? Why not the oldest gelateria in all of Rome? Giolitti. Opened in 1890, it has offered locals and visitors alike sumptuous gelato of the highest quality. And, after all these years, the place remains a heavy favorite! 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria Giolitti 


Gelateria La Romana

One spoonful—no matter how small that spoon might be—and you'll instantly taste what's so special about the gelato of Gelateria La Romana. Their fruity flavors, be it lemon, orange, strawberry, and more, are so tangy and fruity, you'll positively cringe upon the first bite. Maybe even upon the first lick if you ordered it on a cone. That's because fresh fruits make up 50% of their ingredients! That's how devoted the people behind this now beloved gelateria are in offering rich gelato. The texture is not enough, the flavor has to be just as strong!

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Gelateria La Romana


Il Gelato di San Crispino

Another gelato place near the Trevi Fountain is the Il Gelato di San Crispino and you'll probably find no other gelato quite like the ones here. While other places on this list focus on the richness of the flavor and the thickness of the texture, this hotspot offers up delicate gelato to lighten up your lips and tantalize your tongue. Great dessert options after a hearty Italian meal. Sure, the flavors here are as strong as ever, but it's the delicacy of their concoctions that make them popular. So much so that they rarely even serve them on a cone! 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Il Gelato di San Crispino 



Read the name of this place backward and what do you get? Yep, it's gelato! More than its funny word-play, many locals consider this as the best gelato place in all of Rome. That's quite a prestige! Romans sure do know their gelato, and for them to pick this hotspot over the others as having the 'best' must mean it's really worth checking out. And is it ever! The gelato here is rich, flavorful, and just right. They're not too sweet and some of the fruitier kind have that strong tanginess to them that leaves a kick even as you swallow the spoonful. 

The Best Gelato Places in Rome

Source: Otaleg


Rome may have a number of major monuments, but it's their gelato that's worth coming back to. The richest and the most flavorful of the creamy treat ever, the Italian capital boasts a couple of places that serve some of the best gelatos in the world! 




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