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Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

April 05, 2021
Picture it: you're in London, one of the most glamorous cities in the world. You decided to go out tonight, put on your best suit and you look oh-so-dapper! You look into the mirror and you think of only one famous Brit: James Bond! For some reason, going to London makes people think they're the world-famous secret agent. But who can blame them? This is, after all, 007's hometown. And nothing will make you feel more like Bond than going to many of the city's sleek and sexy nightlife haunts. Here are some that 007 would have visited in real life!

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: 007.com


Mews of Mayfair

Don't let the historic Mayfair courtyard fool you, the place has its fair share of secrets. One, in particular, is this elegant bar called the Mew of Mayfair. Soothing tunes from the hotspot's grand piano will welcome you into the club, which is dimly lit yet sparkles when the lights hit its glass-beaded walls. Intimate enough for a secret rendezvous yet social enough to spot a few prominent men there, it's the perfect setting for a scene in any Bond film. You can just hear the iconic spy utter his famous line to the bartender as you lounge about in a booth. 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: Mews of Mayfair


Rules Restaurant

Though not exactly a bar, the famous Rules restaurant does have the same atmosphere. It's quiet, mature, and you can sense that's something important is going down. Not to mention the fact that the place itself actually appeared in a scene in "Spectre," the 2015 Bond film. In any case, you'll still love visiting what is perhaps one of the oldest restaurants still operating in London. Beyond its 007 film credit, the hotspot remains one of th most popular dining hubs in the British capital. Mostly because no other place does traditional British cuisine quite like the do! 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: Rules Restaurant


The Tale Bar

It's a well-known fact that Bond is quite the ladies' man. Audiences wouldn't have been introduced to all sorts of iconic Bond women if he wasn't. They're all so beautiful, strong, and sexy. As well as having incredibly unique and memorable names! Although he's met these women in all sorts of places, some can't help but imagine that he'd probably meet one or two at The Tale Bar by Hyde Park Corner station. A sexy and cosmopolitan escape for nighttime pleasures, they not only serve great cocktails here, but they're served by Playboy bunnies as well. It's a congregation of beautiful women, one where even Bond himself will find overwhelming! 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: The Tale Bar



The Luggage Room

As a spy, Bond has had a lot of times when he'd meet up with a fellow agent or even a villain and talk with them intimately by the bar. If you were a spectator from afar, you'd probably think nothing of two people whispering to each other. And yet, little do you know, they're actually discussing what might be the end of the world. Well, in such a scene, the bar where they're at might as well be The Luggage Room over at Mayfair. With its classic wood-finished interior and strong cocktail selection, it's the type of Bar that 007 will probably slip in and out without being too conspicuous. 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: The Luggage Room



The Perception at W London

Over at Leicester Square, you can actually get a cocktail that's inspired by a James Bond film. The bar that serves it? The Perception at W London. Already a famous hotspot in of itself, the drew in more crowds back in late 2015 when they released a new drink inspired by "Spectre," that year's latest installment. With touches of plum wine, Tanqueray 10 gin and premium Belvedere vodka, the cocktail is a fruity punch you won't forget. It's as strong as Bond himself, and that's saying something! just make sure to order it shaken, not stirred! 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: The Perception at W London


Dukes Bar

Over at Dukes Hotel at St. James's Place, author Ian Fleming, who created James Bond, was a usual guest at their bar. It's even said that he got his inspiration for the famous "shaken, not stirred" line here. Now, the bar still stands as a possible hotspot that 007 would have actually gone to if he was real. Notably, of course, the guys here know how to make his signature drink (and the way he wants them done too). But also because the place is still as elegant and refined as ever. It's exactly the sort of place a gentleman of Bond's class would frequent! 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: Dukes Bar



TwoRuba is all about cocktails, cocktails, cocktails! They've gone so wild with all their unique concoctions, it'll be difficult to order one right on the spot. And if you're a Bond fan, they're Bond girl-inspired drinks will leave you breathless. Each with their own unique flavors and stunning twists (pretty much like the Bond girls themselves), you'll get served with melodious drinks that will really turn up your taste buds. Not to mention the shapely womanly figure glasses they'll be served in. 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: TwoRuba



Long Bar Sanderson Hotel

As great as going to these exclusive and often intimate bars is, sometimes you'd just want to let loose and go someplace wilder and livelier. Even Bond had to go to such places at times, and it's often there that he'd meet another of his many lovers. Here in London, such a place is the Longbar at Sanderson Hotel. The good thing is you don't have to be a guest at the hotel to go to the bar. It's welcome for anyone who wants to party. And the great thing is boy, will you ever party here! With delicious drinks and exciting DJ sets, you'll have your wild night here all right! 

Shaken, Not Stirred: London Bars James Bond Would Have Loved

Source: Long Bar Sanderson Hotel


James Bond isn't just the world's greatest secret agent, he's also a first-class connoisseur of finest bars in Town. And here in London, there's a good few that 007 will likely walk into during the wee hours of the night! Try and catch him there!  




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