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Amsterdam's Top Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals

June 21, 2020
When you think of Amsterdam, images of riding bikes through cobblestone streets, neat houses lining up a canal, and fields of tulips probably enter your mind. But beyond these picturesque stereotypes of the Dutch capital, the city itself is far more complete. It isn't just a beautiful destination that's good for Instagrammable shots. You can actually live and work here. And despite all of the fun things you can do here, you don't have to worry all that much about your health because Amsterdam is packed with grade A+ hospitals to take care of you. Here are some worth mentioning.

Amsterdam's Top Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Academisch Medisch Centrum

Teaching hospitals are a dime a dozen in Europe and Amsterdam is no exception. Here, the prominent Academisch Medisch Centrum has been teaching and training top medical students from both the country and elsewhere to be the fine professionals that they can be. But make no mistake, this hospital isn't just for teaching. It also employs acclaimed experts in various fields, from neurology to gynecology and everything in between. And since the institution is internationally respected. expect some staff to understand and to speak English here. So if you don't know a speck of Dutch, this hospital is your safest bet! 


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital

Out of all the illnesses in the world, cancer is perhaps the most dangerous. For now, medical and scientific experts have yet to find a cure that can ensure that people will be safe from life-threatening sickness. But as the world waits, at least there are many places in the world that focus solely on treating cancer patients and helping them recover. In Amsterdam, one such is the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. One of the leading oncology institutions in the country, they've fared pretty well in ensuring that the sickness does not take too many lives. 


Amsterdam's Top Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


BovenIJ Ziekenhuis

BovenIJ Ziekenhuis is perhaps one of the more complete hospitals in Amsterdam. The general institution has loads of departments to ensure that, whatever ailment you have, there's a place for you here. From heart-monitoring to dentistry, whatever health problem you have, you're guaranteed to get treated here. Notably, the hospital is also known as a popular vaccination point in the city. When you're in need of a shot, this is where you go. Also, their maternity ward is slowly getting recognized as one of the finest in the country. They've had quite a success rate in delivering newborns into the world. 


Netherlands Cancer Institute

Similarly to Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, the Netherlands Cancer Institute is solely focused on cancer treatment and study. The difference here is that the institute is equally focused on researching more about the mysterious illness as it is with treating patients diagnosed with it. And in a way, if you're a cancer patient getting your chemotherapy here, chances are you're also contributing to the multiple studies that they hold. Before you know it, you might ahve even helped in one of their breakthroughs in studying cancer. Still, even with all the researches, they're as effective in helping people recover from cancer. 


Amsterdam's Top Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis

With multiple locations throughout the many areas of Amsterdam, the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis hospital has become a go-to institute for many patients, both in the city and the rest of the country. For one thing, it's a popular teaching university that employes both students and professionals in learning more and expanding the various medical fields of expertise here. Furthermore, the hospital is one of the more comfortable ones on this list. There's probably no other place like this where you can go to a hairdressing salon, an espresso bar, and more while you stay by your loved one's side as they get treated here. 


Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis

Over on the west side of Amsterdam, the Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis hospital has become one of the top pediatric facilities in all of the Dutch capital. For years, they've taken care of children, both from the city and beyond, and ensured that they grow strong and healthy. Because of their good-natured staff and genre way of doing things, parents have come to rely on this hospital for their kids. Back in 2015, having merged with the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis hospital, it is now known as the latter's West location. But for a lot of people here, they still see it and refer to it as its original name. 


VU Medisch Centrum

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is one of the finest medical universities in all of the Netherlands. And its affiliated hospital, VU Medisch Centrum, is just as highly-acclaimed. In terms of patient care, this institution has stood out for its devotion to helping people recover. Whether you're treated by a professional staff member or even a medical student, you're guaranteed to be well-take-care of while you're here. And don't worry about insurance too! According to the Netherlands' healthcare system, even university hospitals such as these are allowed to welcome you. So no matter what your illness is, respect that you'll be in good hands here! 


Amsterdam's Top Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals


Amsterdam is more than just a fun and picturesque city famous for bike-rides and its red-light district. The Dutch capital is as well-functioning a city as any other major capital, and that's thanks in large part to the many great hospitals and institutions set up here! 

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