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Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces

June 02, 2020
Amsterdam isn't exactly the first city that comes to your mind when it comes to business, is it? But that's not fair! Though it's not as big of a business hub as the likes of London, Paris, or New York, the people here still hustle and bustle every day. In fact, some might even busier than the ones in the more famous major cities. You'll only need to look into their great co-working spaces to see just how busy the people are here. And if you're here for work, you just might want to check them out too!

Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces


Workspace 6

You couldn't get any more hipster at Workspace 6. Located on the trendy street of Tussen de Bogen, this place is far from the standard co-working spaces in other countries. Here, not only do you get the regular facilities and special amenities, but there's also a mini art gallery and a music room to boot. Those alone will tell you that this is a place for creatives, however, there's no stopping corporate freelancers to work here and exercise their own creativity on their break times. All in all, Workspace 6 provides a comfortable and open (in every sense of the word) office. 


The Thinking Hut

One of the oldest of its kind, The Thinking Hut has two locations wherein visitors can easily access the open space. In fact, if you can get a day pass for yourself, you get practically get first access to its many amenities, which include private rooms for meetings, solo desks, the latest technology, and more. And if you become a member, you'll also get invited to their many workshops and networking events. Though it started out as an extra space for freelancers, The Thinking Hut has cultivated its own community of creatives and entrepreneurs. One that you might like to join! 


Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces



Right smack in the city center, StartDock has become one of the most popular co-working spaces in Amsterdam. With a beautiful view of the city's iconic canals, why wouldn't it be? For years, StartDock has provided a comfortable and quiet space for workers to just finish their tasks in peace. this is made even easier with their strong internet connection, free coffee and tea, and ample spaces for conference calls and meetings. Though they also value a sense of community here. So much so that every day, they encourage people to have lunch together instead of isolating themselves into their own corners. 


Mindspace Dam

When you go to the co-working space set by the famous Dam Square, you'd probably see a classic house that looks like your typical Amsterdam tourist spot. However, it's far from it. In this preserved building lies Mindspace Dam, an easily accessible open office in the heart of the city. Above everything else, people value comfort here the most. Where else will you find a co-working space that has a parking space for your bike, offers up their own selection of coffees, and even allows you it's shower within their premises? Nowhere near here, most probably! 


Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces



Similarly, Merkspace is also housed in a classic Dutch building, but here, it's all about peace and serenity. And it's sort of ironic too, considering that the location of the co-working space is right smack in the middle of the capital. But despite its busy location, Merkspace has become a quiet haven for freelancers and independent professionals to work all day long without being disturbed. Even its private garden is as tranquil as ever! In terms of facilities, they have your standard meeting rooms and private desks, but all are upgraded with state-of-the-art video systems, printing services, and the like. 


Meet Berlage

Out of all of Amsterdam's neighborhoods, who would have thought that Oudebrugsteeg will house one of their finest co-working spaces? The area isn't exactly the Dutch capital's business district, but Meet Berlage has certainly transformed it into a welcoming place for professionals. With 24/7 access, just about any freelancer or professionals can go in and work at their great desks and tables. A startup team can meet up at any hour of the evening to hold an emergency late-night meeting. And since it's located near Centraal Station, it's easy to get here via train, taxi, or bus. Talk about accessibility!  


Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces


Hackers & Founders

Did you and your friends recently start your own tech company? Surely, you don't have your own office space to call your own, right? Not to worry! There's still 'Hackers and Founders' up on Herengracht. This place has everything you'll need to begin working on your tech startup. State-of-the-art equipment where you can work on your new app service? Check! Ample space for meetings on how to develop your new product? Check! Even a cabinet where you can keep your invention in the meantime? Check! Also, don't overlook their monthly events where you can network with other professionals in your area of expertise! 



Just by its name, you'd think this was an inflatable castle set up for a kid's birthday party! Though it's not exactly that, BounceSpace is as fun! Set inside a beautifully restored factory building, the place looks more like an enlarged coffee shop than a typical co-working space. And what's fun about this open office? Well, the ground-floor alone has its own espresso bar for your caffeine needs and an actual hair salon if you're in need of a quick cut. It's the upper floors that house your standard desks, tables, meeting rooms, and more! But that's not to say they're not fun themselves! 


Work in Amsterdam at These Top Co-Working Spaces


Amsterdam may not be the biggest business hub in the world, but it's getting there. In fact, the next big company to take over the world might have had its start in the many co-working spaces found in the Dutch capital! 

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