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Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami

June 02, 2021
Everyone knows that Miami is hot! And it's not just because of the sunshine either! Miami is practically a city of hotspots, from the hottest restaurants and cafes to the hottest bars and nightclubs. not to mention the hot tourist spots that thousands of visitors flock to every day. But just because the city is a place that's perfect for vacation doesn't mean people don't work seriously here. Miami wouldn't be so hot if the people didn't work hard. And even in the city, there are some hot co-working paces you can actually work if you live here or visiting for work!

Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami



Though Miami is far from "The Valley" in California, the "Sunshine State" city boasts its own up-and-coming community of tech companies and startup businesses. Of course, the latter don't often have their own spaces to call their office so you might find them working at BUILDING.co. This place is practically "The Valley" 2.0, what with the many tech companies and professionals working on their latest products or apps here. It has all the tools and the sleek interior design that you could ever imagine you need to stay afloat in this industry. 



The Coconut Grove in Miami isn't exactly a place you'd automatically go to for work. In fact, it's quite the opposite. You'd better find couples on honeymoon or vacationing families spending time here instead of fellow freelancers and independent professionals. Not, however, if you go to Büro. This co-working space nestled within this paradisical area upholds the cool and relaxing atmosphere of its home. Here, you can work so peacefully, it's almost as if you're relaxing. Their serene private offices and cushioned desk areas provide maximum comfort for a smooth day of work. You might not even want to leave the place after you're through! 


Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami



Do you live alone? Or your partner or roommate works in a standard office and you work independently? If you want to finish your job outside of your home or apartment, that may be difficult to do so if you have a pet. By the time you've returned home, your cat would have scratched all the toilet paper away, your dog must have pooped everywhere, your fish remained under, and your parrot probably flew miles away. At least, at CityDesk, you can take your pet with you while you work. You can still take good care of them while you type and read away. 


MADE at the Citadel

It's no secret that, similarly to New York and LA, Miami is just as artistic a city. Just explore the streets and you'll find countless museums and galleries exhibiting the latest works fo both established artists and up-and-coming names. Not to mention the colorful street art that Miami has become known for. So if you're an artist, a great open office you can use as your temporary studio is MADE at the Citadel. Set along NE 2nd Avenue, this is a co-working space that specifically caters to creatives. They have ample facilities and services to help the process of creating much easier and more smoothly here. 


Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami



Just by its name alone, you can already tell what sort of co-working space MiamiShared is. This office along Biscayne Blvd. is so open, just about anyone can work here. but that's not to say they don't have any boundaries. It's just that the flow of working here is so free and harmonious that, ironically, you'll feel as if you're all working under the same big company. With its rows and rows of state-of-the-art compute desks and private meeting rooms, it has all of the facilities any freelancer or startup company will need. 



Miami's Coral Gables neighborhood is probably the last place you'll look for a co-working space yet Pipeline is there. Here, the main word is polished! Just about every corner of this open office is clean and crisp, polished to perfection to allow workers to have a clearer mind and ampler spaces for collaborations. It's even adorable that some spaces are set up like cafes, further increasing the comfort factor up a notch. And even if you're just here all by yourself, the hours will just breeze through by as you work. That's how calming it is here! 


Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami


The LAB Miami

Everyone knows that Wynwood is Miami's arts district. It's the hub for creatives to go beyond their imaginations and wildest dreams to create something fantastic. But is there a good and appropriate space for that? Yes, there is! Along NW 26th St. is The LAB Miami, a co-working space set up specifically for creatives. With its studio space, strong WiFi, and kitchen services, this is one of the best places within the city where artists and digital creatives alike can work on their projects peacefully. Add to that their special biking services to travel to and from this place much easier for those in the Wynwood area. 



If you've traveled the world for work and you're often in need of a co-working space, you've probably heard of or have even been to WeWork. One of the most popular companies of its kind, they've set up offices around the world. And her in Miami, it's no different. The privacy of their spaces remains intact. The quality of their services remains high. And even their internet connection is as strong as ever. More often than not, freelancers and independent professionals just need a trustworthy space where they can finish the job in peace. WeWork's offices will always provide that! 


Yo Miami Space Gallery & Studio

It's a different kind of work that artists and digital creatives do here at Yo Miami Space Gallery & Studio. you can say that their work here is probably the final phase of their projects. Because this is an event's space that almost sort of doubles as a co-working office space. Here, artists of different mediums get to present their works or launch their new products or services for the city. On a good night, you might just stumble upon mini-concert on one side and a new exhibit on the other. 


Hot Picks for Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Miami


Miami may be in the "Sunshine State," but the people here don't just bask in the sunlight all day. They also work hard too. You'll see in their many fine co-working spaces and open offices that the people of Miami are very serious about their work and their careers.

They're also serious about their places too. Miami is filled with luxurious apartments that accommodate any visitor who's here for work or even a long-term stay. And you'll find that such places are truly top-notch!





Atlantis, United States
220 $ / night    
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms6
Lantana, United States
140 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-4
Siesta Key, United States
On request
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms1-4
Orlando, United States
70 $ / night    
Studio1 bathroom2-2

Pensacola, United States
86 $ / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom6-6
Orlando, United States
89 $ / night    
Studio1 bathroom4-4
Four Corners, United States
95 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms7-7
Sarasota, United States
112 $ / night    
Studio1 bathroom4-4
Kissimmee, United States
114 $ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-6
Four Corners, United States
114 $ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms7-7