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The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York

May 17, 2021
People who work in New York are pretty lucky. Not only because they're in what is perhaps the biggest business hub in the world, but it's also because it's such a diverse city. It's so full of different things to see, hear, and experience, a lot of which you won't see anywhere else! So what does that have to do with the people who work here? Well, more often than not, if you're a businessman/woman, you will have to meet clients coming in from different countries. And in order to seal a big deal with them, you'll have to win them over with unique things to do.

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Take Them to a Baseball Game

This is about as classic as it can get! You might not know it yet, but possibly some of the biggest business deals in the world have been made during a baseball match. You'd never know it, especially with how rowdy a stadium filled with cheering fans can get. However, at some of the more exclusive booths, that's where the executives watch the game. Though if your client is in New York for the first time, he/she might appreciate watching a baseball game just like any other American. Sitting on the bleachers with a hotdog or a bag of popcorn surrounded by screaming fans. 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Watch an Off-Broadway Play

No New York experience—even a business trip—is complete without watching a play. It is the hometown of Broadway, after all. And millions of people, from locals to tourists, still enjoy a good show! Surely your clients will too! But don't go after the current hits on the main Broadway theatres. They're probably sold out and people might still be lining up for tickets. At times, it's better to go each an off-Broadway play instead. Thrilling dramas, mini-musicals, one-man shows, and the like. They're often far more gripping than the standard musical extravaganzas one sees along Times Square! 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Fly in a Helicopter

Your client is definitely familiar with the iconic New York skyline. Even if he/she is from a major city him/herself, there's still nothing quite like that famous Manhattan view. And while he/she's here, he/she will probably want to get a good look at it too! Although there are many options, the best and least touristy one is to fly on a helicopter and see a bird's eye view of the "Big Apple." There are various tours one can book for a couple of hours flying though and about New York City. This will give you amazing views of not just the city skyline, but also of its many monuments. 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Go Indoor Skydiving

While you're already up in the air, why not sky-dive down? Sky diving is, after all, one of the most thrilling experiences out there. But did you know that you don't even have to go up thousands of miles in the air to feel the rush and adrenaline of it? In New York, there'as actually a place you can go to for indoor skydiving: iFly Westchester. This wind-tunnel enables you to feel how the air and the wind will carry you when you sky-dive from a very high altitude. However, here, there's no need for a plane, a parachute, and no risks of bad weather and unfortunate accidents either. Your client will love it!

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Listen to an Orchestra

Now, how about some class for your clients? The New York Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the most revered of their kind. They've toured around the world, performed for monarchs, heads-of-state, and with other acclaimed artists throughout history. And nothing says big money than taking your clients out to go hear them perform live in their own hometown. When they hold a performance here (which they do often!), the most elite of New York society come out to listen and pay their respects to the oldest symphony orchestra in existence. It'd be a shame if you let your client, who traveled for countless miles to get here, to miss out on it! 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Go to a Comedy Show

More than just an important city for business, New York is also a funny city. With so much diversity and stereotypes here, this is a treasure trove of comedy gold. Why do you think many of the greatest sitcoms ever were set here? Or that some of the most brilliant comedians to ever take hold of show business not only started here but also grew up here? The city is rife with comedic anecdotes and hilarious situations, and the best way to hear about them is through a set of a New York comedian. Take your client out on any comedy club and he/she will definitely see the funny side of this city that he/she probably only visits for work! 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


Watch A Late-Night Talk Show Live

Of course, your clients probably already know some comedians who work in New York. And most probably, they're the hosts of the world-famous late-night talk shows. Thanks to YouTube, a lot of thee New York-stape primetime and late-night programs have become known around the world. They often go viral when a celebrity does something funny or different or when a hilarious story goes array. Fortunately for you, it's easy to book a seat into one of their daily tapings. And if you're lucky, your client's favorite Hollywood celebrity might just be the guest that night! 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York

Source: Flickr.com/ Chad Davis


Enjoy Some Jazz

Finally, you can't let your client go home without letting home hear what true and pure jazz sounds like. New York gave birth to the genre, so it would be a missed opportunity for them not to listen to it here. Up on Harlem, ther are many jazz clubs you can take your client to listen to some emerging talents or unknown legends in the genre. Even if they don't like jazz, they won't be able to resist the energy and the music that flows within these spaces. It's as if you're being transported to another time or even another world! 

The Best Ways Entertain Your Business Clients in New York


If all your clients know about New York is big money and big business, it's time to take them out on the town and show them the big city. You never know, perhaps, by the end of their trip, you would have formed a new relationship with them that can benefit your career!



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