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The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Spain

May 29, 2020
Spain is undeniably a stylish country. They know how to dress, not just for specific seasons and such, but also to stay or even being trends. While the country doesn't have much of a following as compared to its neighbors, it still has its fair share of beloved brands. In fact, it can be said that Spain has mastered the luxury designer and high street markets, arguably even better than other countries. Then, of course, there's also their collection of great outlet stores across the country. They sure do appreciate discount shopping for great fashion finds!

The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Spain


Fashion Outlet Barakaldo

If you're up on the northern side of Spain, you might just be lucky enough to see the biggest designer outlet store in that area—the Fashion Outlet Barakaldo. A top-quality fashion outlet where you can find just about anything you need under the sun, it's become quite the haven for designer clothing in this part of the country. It's here where you can get deals for up to 70% on brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Mango, and more. Not only that, but the place is also a great recreational center for those who want to relax. 


Getafe The Style Outlet

In the quaint town of Getafe, right smack in the middle of the Spanish capital of Madrid, lies a designer outlet store many shoppers swear by. For them, this is one of the best places within the city where one can buy a luxury item without having to break the bank. It's called The Style Outlets. while it has many stores across Spain, this one is particularly known for its quality of pieces. Some here might even be part of the latest collection of the said brands, all while discounted for bargain-hunters and budgeted fashion-lovers in the area! 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Spain


Las Rozas Village

With its upscale operation, you'd think that La Rozas Village near Madrid is a luxury department store. It has its own shuttle service that can take you from the Plaza de Oriente in the city center to its premises. As well as a personal shopper service to help you get the best items you need. However, this place isn't really a luxury department store. It's actually one of Spain's finest designer outlet districts, offering up designer brands that you'd normally find in the former. They're just sold here at infinitely lower prices, some you can't even imagine. 


La Roca Village

Now if you think Barcelona is gonna back down from Madrid, think again! The Catalan capital also has its own outlet village, namely La Roca Village. Here, it's all about the designer labels that you've loved for years. The same big names that you see in fashion magazines and such. But this time, they're no longer beyond your reach anymore! The items are all discounted, allowing you to afford them. And what exactly awaits your money in this designer outlet village? Dress from Tommy Hilfiger, bags from Gucci, accessories from Michael Kors, and more! 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Spain


Mallorca Fashion Outlet

The beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain is probably one of the last places you'd expect there to be a shopping district devoted to designer clothing. This place is more of a summer destination, beloved for it white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. However. there's still the Mallorca Fashion Outlet. A whole complex of luxury items and high fashion pieces all discounted to incredibly low prices. So great are the deals here that you's want to shop here more than you want to lay down under the sun. After all, what's a Spanish getaway vacation without a little luxury? 


Outletui Fashion Center

The historic town of Tui is the type of slightly remote area where the place doesn't look like it's reached the 21st-century. It's more suited as a set for filmmakers to make a period film in, not exactly a shopper's paradise. Well, there's still one hotspot that is, though. The Outletui Fashion Center is a haven for discount-shoppers to get their high fashion-fix. And you'd be surprised what brands are actually offered here. Beyond the standard Spanish high-street giants, they also sell items from Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and more here! It's almost ironic that today's hottest brands are sold within an old-school town like Tui. 


Sevilla Fashion Outlet

The town of Sevilla is known for many things, not the least of which is their fixation on style and fashion. It's no wonder then that one of the finest designer outlet stores in the country can be found here, the Sevilla Fashion Outlet. You can practically complete an entire wardrobe of designer items just by shopping here for a day. Need some jeans? go to Calvin Klein Jeans! How about some flip-flops? Billabong is nearby! A new pair of sneakers? The Nike Factory Outlet is one of the district's more popular stores. Anything you need is right here, all discounted for your purchasing pleasure! 


The Best Designer Outlet Stores in Spain


Spain is a stylish country and you would know that if you've traveled beyond the more famous cities of Madrid and Barcelona. But also, they're wise shoppers too! A lot of them go to great designer outlets scattered all-throughout the country selling discounted designer goods! 

What they probably spend their money on is their places. And this is why there are so many great luxury apartments to accommodate visitors. The people here know that while fashion can be affordable, the real investment should be the home!





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