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France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores

May 27, 2020
Everyone knows that Paris is a fashion lover's paradise, but what about the rest of France? Does high fashion exist beyond the French capital? The answer is a definite yes! People who live or visit other places in France can still get their fine fashion fix, even at lower and more affordable prices. You see, designer outlet stores are more common in the country as you may think. They also sell as many luxury items as the department stores and famous shopping districts in Paris. If you're a budget shopper traveling to France, here are some stores you need to know!

France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores


La Vallée Village

You might be impressed by designer outlet stores and warehouses, but what about an entire village? A few kilometers away from the city is La Vallée Village, one of Paris' best designer outlet stores. The brands that you saw in Paris? You can buy their stuff here are incredibly lower prices. you wouldn't believe how affordable such treasures can be, yet they are here! Near Disneyland Paris, you'll need to take a “Shopping express bus” from the Place des Pyramides. This will take you straight to the village and back but they only take off at designated times to be aware of them! 


One Nation Paris

One Nation Paris may seem like you average mall at first, but it actually isn't. This retail mecca for designer goods is actually an entire outlet mall, selling high fashion pieces at unbelievable deals. The differences between the original prices from the actual stores to the discounted prices here are in the hundreds, so you know they offer prime deals! More than that, it's also become quite the haven for sportswear fanatics. Athletes, fitness junkies, or streetwear aficionados have all gotten their fair share of cool and trendy athleisure here. Of course, with great deals as well! 


France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores


The Channel Outlet Store

How great would it have been if this was ana actual outlet store for Chanel? Couture-lovers would be in a frenzy! However, as you can see with its spelling, The Channel Outlet Store is its own shopping haven. One that might still have a few Chanel pieces, but it's nestled within a collection of other prominent brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, and more! The store, which is so big you can classify it as its own mall, is in the city of Calais, situated fairly near the center. You can easily get to it if you ride a bus or taxi. 


Lafuma Outlet

Who says designer clothing just has to be ready-to-wear and haute couture? Not the Lafuma Outlet. Particularly, the one in Lafuma Outlet in southeastern France. This particular shopping hotspot is mostly known for its sportswear and camping gear. They offer the best of the best, all discounted and ready to be sold for any adventurer out there. Who knew camping can be quite a luxurious activity? More often than not, you can take a bus to go to this outlet store. It's a more budget-ready option than taking a taxi or renting a car. 


France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores


McArthurGlen Outlet

It's not every day you get to a city center and you'll find a great designer outlet store. But such is the case of Roubaix, the beautiful northern city in France. Here, the famous McArthurGlen Outlet is right smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle and it's no surprise. This branch of outlet stores is practically the biggest of its kind in Europe and holds brands of the highest prominence. With their amazing deals for such luxurious items, their central location works well for locals and tourists alike to simply walk to or take a cab to this famous shopping haven. 


Marques Avenue A13

There's shopping and then there's outlet shopping. And then, there's shopping near the River Seine, arguably the most famous river in all of France. So what store allows you to buy designer clothing at lower prices near this famous body of water? Marques Avenue A13! Set on the town of Aubergenville in Paris, it's a shopping hotspot that has the most famous brands in the world. The likes of Dior, Versace, Prada, and more are all here, discounted for your bargain-shopping pleasure. This paired with the beautiful location makes it quite the must-visit and must-ship Parisian hotspot. 


France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores


The Style Outlets

Sometimes, it's not enough to have luxury brands to draw in shoppers. If the place is also beautiful enough, people will flock to it even before they know of the great deals inside it. That's the magic of The Style Outlets in Roppenheim. Built like a beautiful Alsatian village, this shopping district is as beautiful and pleasant to look at as the beautiful clothes sold inside. You can catch some of the most prominent labels in the world here, all discounted to almost unbelievably low prices. You might not be able to believe it until you see it! 


L'Usine Mode et Maison

Vélizy-Villacoublay might be more well-known for the home of the French Air Force but there are other things to visit here. not the least of which is the cherished outlet store L'Usine Mode et Maison. Set a few kilometers off Versailles, you can rent a car or take a bus to go here if you're coming from Paris. Though you may wonder—if you're already in Paris, why travel all the way here to shop? Well, you might not find great discounts like the ones here in the French capital. Your wallet will thank you if you decide to shop here! 


France's Noteworthy Designer Outlet Stores


Paris isn't the only fashionable city in France. In fact, most of the country has a deep appreciation for luxury. That's why there re a lot of outlet stores that sell them at great discounts and knock-out deals throughout the country! 

Wherever you are in France, you can still get luxury accommodation for your trip! They're everywhere in this beautiful country! Still, it's a great bonus if they're near any of the must-shop outlet stores mentioned on this list!





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