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How to Make Your Own Churros at Home

April 30, 2021
A roll of churros is one of the best pick-me-ups in the world. With its crunchy shell encasing a chewy interior, as well as its super sweet coating, it gives quite a sensation to your tastebuds. And when you pair it with hot chocolate or coffee? Heavenly! A quintessentially Spanish treat, it's practically their national snack. Adults and kids love eating it, especially either for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. However, it's also become a popular comfort food choice in many other countries around the world. But if there isn't a place near you that offers them, why not make them yourselves?

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Gather Your Ingredients

As with any other recipe out there, you begin with gathering your ingredients. And in making some churros, there's a whole lot you'll need to get. For the coating, you will need cinnamon and sugar. Next, you'll need the ingredients for the batter, which include water, butter, sugar, salt, eggs, flour, and vanilla extract. Fortunately, these are all easy to get in any grocery store or even any convenience store for that matter. Finally, have some vegetable oil ready for frying. 


Heat Vegetable Oil

Start the process by getting a large pot and pouring in some vegetable oil. Make sure you put in as much as 1 1/2 inches of the pot. Put it on medium heat and leave it as it is until you've done all the other steps. This is for frying your churros, you see, and even though you might not have an actual frying machine in your home, this will definitely do. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Whisk Together the Sugar and Cinnamon

Now, for the coating! In a shallow dish, is together a half-cup of sugar and a half-cup of cinnamon together. Whisk away until both ingredients have been blended together perfectly. You'll know you're through when the mixture looks more like one colour, specifically brown. If you can still see the white sugar, that means you need to whisk it a bit more. Doing so will ensure tha both the sugary sweetness and the cinnamon flavour will jump out upon your first bite. 


Boil Water, Butter, Sugar and Salt Together

Once you've set aside the coating, you can start with the batter. In a large saucepan, pour in your water, sugar, butter and salt. Do so as it's boiling over medium heat, making the melting of the butter and the blend of all the other ingredients that much faster. Usually, you just let the heat mix everything by itself, but if you can also mix it a little using a wooden spoon. this way, you're sure that the blending of all the ingredients will come out perfectly. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Add The Flour and Stir 

Once it's all mixed well, add in the flour. And when doing so, turn down the heat to medium-low. You wouldn't want the flour to burn, would you? When all of your flour is in, begin stirring. For this, it's better to use a rubber spatula. Your batter won't stick to it as you stir it over and over until it smoothens. Continue stirring until your batter becomes more dough-like. Even if there are a few lumps, it's still okay! 


Let It Cool

Once you ahve your dough, set it to one side and let it cool for a bit. You probably think it's better to mix in the other materials while the batter is hot. Although many people have done that and still came out with delicious churros, it's simply easier to cool it off for a bit before going to the next step. But whichever way you choose to do, just make sure you follow the next steps meticulously. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Add Vanilla and Eggs and Mix

Once your initial batter is cool enough, pour it into a large mixing bowl. This time, you're going to mix in the vanilla and eggs. Now, this is also a step you can do in two different ways. You can pour both ingredients altogether in one drop or you can ease them into the mixture little by little. Both ways are equally good and effective, especially since this time around, you're now mixing it using an electric egg-beater. 


Transfer Mixture into Piping Bag

Once everything is mixed well together, transfer your batter into a piping bag. When doing so, it's important that you put it all in the bag. Don't leave any of the batter behind in the bowl. If it's too much for the bag, do it in batches. Pour some into the bag, then once that's empty, pour the rest and so on and so forth. You can't use this batter for anything else other than to make churros. So to leave some behind will just be a waste. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Pipe Mixture into Oil

Remember your big pot with the vegetable oil? It's time to go back to it for this next step. As it's boiling, pour some of the batter into the oil. And here, you can get creative. You an do it in small sizes so you'll have a lot of smaller churros to share with everybody. Or you can do it longer so that each piece will give you time to enjoy. You can also pour it in different shapes too, just to let out your creativity. 


Fry Until Golden Brown

Once you've poured in the churros batter, let them fry. Every now and then, with the use of kitchen tongs, flip each churro so tha both sides will be fried equally. Make sure the heat remains at medium so that you have fewer risks of burning your churros. Keep on frying and flipping until both sides are golden brown. Once they are, pick up the treats, put them on a plate and set them aside for now. Let them cool off for a bit. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


Add the Coating 

Once they're cool and dry enough, get your coating and start springing the good stuff. You can do this in two ways to. One is to sprinkle the coating yourself. Get a pinch and sprinkle it unto the churros. Make sure you overall areas, so don't forget the flip it once one side is fully-coated. Another way is to pour your coating onto the plate and stamp your churros there. The sugary, cinnamon coating will just stick to the fried treat easily. 


Serve and Enjoy

Now that your churros are coated, it's time to serve them. The best way is to have some hot chocolate ready for a nice breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. This is, after all, the tradition in Spain. If you prefer coffee, you can go right ahead and pair it with the treat as well. One of the great things about churros is that it's a versatile snack. Although it's best with hot chocolate, you can still pair it with other drinks and snacks to enjoy it. 

How to Make Your Own Churros at Home


You haven't really lived until you've enjoyed churros for your breakfast or afternoon snack! Fortunately, this Spanish treat is easy to make in your own home! Don't miss out if there are no churros places in your area! Bake them yourself and enjoy!





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