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Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily

March 24, 2020
Now more than ever, it's important that you breathe well. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over pretty much the entire world and its most vulnerable victims are the ones with respiratory problems. The World Health Organization stressed that a lot of the casualties of the virus died more or less because of pneumonia. So now, it's a lot more vital that whatever you do, you don't hurt your respiratory system. And of course, you have to stay at home as well, so as to not spread the virus. But what will you eat in the meantime? here are healthy foods that can help improve your breathing!

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



Did you stock up on fruit before your area went on lockdown? If you did, hope that you have a lot of apples there. Firstly because apples are one of those fruits that's easier to eat. Oftentimes, you can just bite into them and you'll be full in no-time. And at this time of social distancing, it pays to go for foods you can eat all by yourself. Secondly, apples are chock-full of antioxidants that help keep your lungs clean and healthy. No wonder they’d make great food for kids in school (when they go back!). And you'll need them working extra hard during this pandemic! 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



Not into broccoli? Never have been since you were a child? Well, suck it up! These days, it pays to eat healthy, including those foods you don't like. The reason why your parents made you eat the vegetable when you were growing up (possibly even until now) is because broccoli has a lot of nutrients that, above all things, keep your lungs and respiratory systems in check. The vitamin C and L-sulforaphane in them help you avoid all sorts of respiratory problems. And this will enable you to continue breathing normally.  

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



If you think your lungs have so many pollutants in them that you're unable to breathe properly, have some ginger. It's best to include the spice into a soup so that you can down it easily. But what can ginger do to your lungs exactly? Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps detoxify the many organs in your body, not the least bit your lungs. After a soup or two with ginger in it, you might find that your lungs will feel cleaner than usual. Another benefit is that they’re easy to grow in plants in your home! But the best part is, of course, they taste great! 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily


Green Tea

Ahh, green tea! Is there anything more refreshing? With its distinct yet smooth taste, it's no wonder the Japanese love it some much. And if you're one to have breathing problems, you should love it too! Among its many benefits, drinking green tea substantially decreased inflammation of your many organs, particularly your lungs. This makes it easier for you to breathe in and out with much effort. However, such a benefit often only comes in green tea only. The drink, not the flavor. So don't go for the matcha-flavored chocolate or ice cream, they might not work as well! 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



Fortunately, one of the easiest snacks to buy and eat also helps improve your respiratory system—nuts! Whether they're walnuts, peanuts, pistachio, etc, a few nuts a day can keep your doctor at bay. Especially during these trying times! You see, your red blood cells benefit the most from your eating nuts.  And they deliver the oxygen in and out of your system as you breathe. Walnuts, in particular, have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. They help fight asthma, and in turn, keeps you safe from worse breathing ailments. 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



Now for something a little more exotic. If you're lucky enough to get a hold of a lot of seafood for your quarantine time, prioritize salmon. Not only is it delicious and easy to cook, but it's also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Similar to nuts, you can eat this fish again and again and it will only help you reduce the inflammation in your lungs. In turn, you'll be able to breathe nice and easy. Just don't give in to the temptation of drowning your salmon in butter sauce. While delicious, too much butter can harm your health too! 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily



You may not be completely familiar with turmeric but trust that it's a spice that can improve your breathing immensely.  Similar to many others on this list, turmeric has loads of anti-inflammatory properties to help loosen up your lungs. It's why a lot of health experts and enthusiasts trust the spice so much. It's proven to be quite effective in eliminating any tension and tightness for any of your organs. including your lungs. 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily


Wheat Bread

Wheat bread may not taste as good as ordinary bread—what more baguette bread?—but it's a lot healthier than the latter! This type of bread is also a whole grains-type of food. And this means that it has enough fiber to help your lungs fight off any ailment or virus that may harm them. At least, with wheat bread, you can be more creative. For something savory, some fine cheese and tomatoes would do you some good. But for something sweet? Apples, bananas, berries, and any other fruit you have there at home! 

Healthy Foods to Keep You Breathing Easily


Eating only a select number of foods and staying at home are the very simple yet effective ways you can fight Coronavirus. They may seem annoying, but you're actually doing a whole lot in terms of keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy! 






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