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7 Reasons for Staying in The Paris Suburbs During The 2024 Olympics

May 01, 2024
As the event draws near, you're already planning your trip to watch the Paris 2024 Olympics live, aren't you? Do you already have a place to stay? If not, perhaps consider staying in the Paris Suburbs instead. Though a fair distance away from the city's central districts, you might end up liking the Paris Suburbs more than you initially thought. For one thing, the place isn't boring. Even if it's the French capital's suburbs, it's far from the quiet residential area you're probably thinking of. There will be a few Olympic Games held here too, letting you stay close to all the action even when you're not in the city center.

7 Reasons for Staying in The Paris Suburbs During The 2024 Olympics

There are Many Suburbs to Choose From

Firstly, there are as many districts in the Paris Suburbs are there are neighborhoods in Paris. They're even divided into different zones, from the north and northeast to the more well-known western suburbs. If you think that the Paris Suburbs only make up one huge residential district, think again. There are different kinds of areas in the different zones. In the Western Suburbs, for example, places like Versailles, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Maisons-Laffitte, and Le Vésinet make up the affluent areas, home to the upper class of the city. It's even safe to say that some of these are more expensive than Paris itself.

You're Still Near The Games

Even though the most famous spots in Paris will host the Olympic Games, many of the sports venues extend to the Paris Suburbs too. Most famously, La Défense Arena, the suburbs' major business district, will host the swimming and water polo games. Stade de France, on the other hand, located in the Saint-Denis commune, will feature the rugby matches and athletics games. These are just some of the many venues in the Paris Suburbs that will host several Olympic Games. So even though you won't be in any of the 20 arrondissements of Paris, you'll still be in the middle of all the action!

7 Reasons for Staying in The Paris Suburbs During The 2024 Olympics

It's More Affordable Here

For this point, it depends on where you decide to stay. As already mentioned, the Western Suburbs of Paris are some of the most affluent parts of the French capital. If you think that living costs in Paris are high, wait until you get to this zone of the Paris Suburbs. Fortunately, there are still some areas that are more affordable than the central districts. Bourg-la-Reine, Villejuif, and Kremlin-Bicètre are places where you can expect lower costs. You can even rent fine accommodations in any of these towns that are considerably less expensive than the luxury apartments in Paris.

Less Busy Than The Central Neighborhoods

Don't underestimate just how busy Paris, specifically its central districts, can get. Even when it's not hosting the Olympics, the French capital frequently gets hectic and is rarely quiet, be it during the day or at night. What more when the Paris 2024 Olympics roll in? The millions of tourists expected to arrive in the city will surely add to the already bustling metropolis. So if you want to avoid all that, staying in the Paris Suburbs is your best bet. This isn't to say that these areas are peaceful—they can get pretty lively too—but they're undoubtedly less hectic than the city center.

7 Reasons for Staying in The Paris Suburbs During The 2024 Olympics

There are Famous Tourist Spots Here Too

It's unfair to say that the central arrondissements are the only areas worth visiting as a tourist. Sure, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame are all iconic landmarks. Going to the Paris 2024 Olympics might just be your only chance to see these world-famous monuments in person. But don't forget that the Paris Suburbs has its own must-see gems too. Perhaps the best-known are the Palaces of Versailles, the former royal residence of the country. Versailles itself is its own neighborhood in the Paris Suburbs too, so if you stay here, you'll be near the famous site!

Be Surrounded by Nature

Despite how beautiful the parks in Paris are, there's arguably no beating the green spaces in the Paris Suburbs. Parc de Bagatelle, Domaine de Méréville, André Malraux Park, and Bois-Préau Park are just some of the many botanical highlights here. Don't forget that some of these suburbs are practically part of the French Countryside. Even though these communes are fairly near the capital city, some of them are more rural than urban. These expansive green spaces further prove their provincial charms and are perfect for escaping the hectic energy of the Paris 2024 Olympics during your free days.

You Can Still go To The City Center

Since most of the Paris 2024 Olympics will take place around the city center, it makes sense to want to stay near the area. But don't worry! Even if you end up in the Paris Suburbs, you can still easily travel to the more central districts and back. The public transport in Paris is among the most efficient in Europe. From its metro system to its various buses, it won't take you much time and effort to reach the city center from the suburbs. You won't miss the games you traveled all the way to France for!

7 Reasons for Staying in The Paris Suburbs During The 2024 Olympics

If you're planning to go to the Paris 2024 Olympics, consider staying in the Paris Suburbs instead of the central arrondissements. You'd be surprised at how better your trip will be when you settle down here instead.

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