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Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

March 29, 2024
The UK isn't exactly the country most would think about when you want to spend time by the sea. Italy or Greece, sure! But Great Britain? With its grey skies, rainy weather, and pebbly beaches? Well, it's unfair to write off this beautiful country as some dreary place with no sunshine. There are many places throughout the UK where you can enjoy coastal beauty at its most picturesque. What's even better is you can also rent a luxury home in the UK that's right by the sea, allowing you to enjoy such idyllic charms while you're there!

Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Pevensey Bay Beachfront House

Pevensey is a small fishing village in East Sussex, England in the UK. It's not a famous tourist destination but it is one of the best coastal communes in the country. The beach isn't exactly the kind you'd see in the Greek Islands, but it's a calming place nonetheless. The best way to enjoy it is to rent a seaside home nearby. This Pevensey Bay Beachfront House is a nice example. With its wooden deck with sun beds, benches, and even a swing set, it's the perfect rental for those who'd spend most of their time in the sea.
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Pevensey Bay Beach House

This Pevensey Bay Beach House is so close to the sea that you can't practically taste it from here! Well, not exactly, but just opening a window will make your room smell like the salty sea air. The balcony makes for a romantic spot, especially when you want to watch the sunset with your special someone. Meanwhile, the outdoor deck opens up to the beach and it's the perfect place to relax when you're not swimming. And when you're ready for some seaside fun, the water is only a hop and a skip away.
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Ty Melyn Cottage in Tenby

Perched along the seaside cliffs in Tenby, you'd swear this was a. luxury rental on the French Riviera. These are usually the kinds of vacation homes you'd expect in southern France. But the difference between those accommodations to this cottage is just how idyllic the latter is. This Ty Melyn cottage, for example, is a cozy two-bedroom home that's only a stone's throw away from the sea. Despite its relatively small size, each room is spacious enough that the estate can fit around four guests at a time. Doesn't that sound like the perfect family home by the sea?
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Noe Acre Cottage in Tenby

Noe Acre Cottage is undoubtedly among our most idyllic cottages in the UK. It's a three-bedroom rental right by the sea, offering up the most beautiful views you'd ever see in the Welsh town. The exterior looks like a classic countryside home but the inside is as contemporary as ever. The fireplace warms things up, the kitchen is well-equipped, and each bedroom is spacious enough to fit two people at a time. There's also a deck out back that makes for a great picnic spot when you want to spend time outside on a sunny day.
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Brook Cottage Green in Dale

Dale is another coastal village in Wales that's worth checking out for the vacation homes alone. Take a look at this heavenly Brook Cottage Green, for instance. Though it's only a two-bedroom rental, it's everything you'd want in a Welsh seaside home. The bay window has that picture-perfect view of the sea, so much so that the area itself is worth showing off in a travel inspo Instagram account. The bedrooms are both spacious and warm. They'll feel like heaven when you lie down after a busy day of exploring the town or spending the day at the beach.
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Captains Walk in Saundersfoot

Compared to Tenby and Dale, Saundersfoot is a much larger coastal village in Wales. The beach is the perfect spot for a summer getaway, especially if you moved to London and you need an escape. If you do plan to go here, consider renting this fine four-bedroom Captains Walk home by the sea. Not only does it have a lot of space inside, but it has ample room outside too. Its best spot is arguably the outdoor patio that overlooks the beach. You can lounge on soft sofas as you enjoy the seaside views from here. What's not to love?
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

Swn Y Tonnau in Saundersfoot

Also in Saundersfoot is this intimate one-bedroom Swn Y Tonnau apartment by the sea. The beach is only a hop and a skip away and you'd only need to go to the balcony to feel the sea breezes and smell the salty sea air. Its largely limited size makes it the perfect choice for any newlyweds who chose Saundersfoot as their honeymoon destination. While it's the sunniest paradise out there, it's still an idyllic town that reeks of romance and rural charms. Simply hanging out on the balcony and watching the sunset is enough to get you in the mood!
Check Out These Idyllic Seaside Luxury Homes in The UK

In need of an escape from the rest of the world? Then rent any of these idyllic seaside cottages in the UK. The country may not have the most paradisiacal beaches, but its coasts are relaxing and these homes are beautiful!

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
85 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms2-4
London, United Kingdom
357 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
130 £ / night    
Studio1 bathroom2
London, United Kingdom
134 £ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6

London, United Kingdom
138 £ / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom5
London, United Kingdom
187 £ / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
London, United Kingdom
800 £ / night    
5 bedrooms5 bathrooms10-2
London, United Kingdom
140 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
London, United Kingdom
144 £ / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom2
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
250 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms5